5 December 2020

The Seriousness of the Signs for all Humanity


While I was praying the Holy Rosary, Blessed Mother, Mary most Holy came to me. She was wearing a white tunic with a blue mantle.


She said, “I come to you my children, to warn you about how serious are the signs given to you, to all humanity on this earth. I want you to tell people and to warn them what all this represents. Warn them of the dangerous times they live in. They need to convert, to change, and to repent.”


“The first sign given is the failure of crops, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and hurricanes, monsoonal rains and severe floods, such as have never been before, the animal population dying of unusual diseases, humanity experiencing horrible viruses that have come upon them, and are spreading and killing many thousands of people in the world.”


“Science is trying to find a cure and to prevent these terrible diseases. They will not succeed. They do all of this instead of turning to God for help. God wants humanity to come to Him and to ask Him to be merciful for the sins they commit. If people repent, He will forgive them because He is the loving Father.”


“Humanity is becoming too proud to be able to humble itself, and people are blind and deaf to all these warnings. They pretend they don’t want to know any of this.”


“All of this is leading to and is an indication that you are coming to the events foretold long ago. It is necessary for humanity to repent and to change and to be in a State of Grace, my children.”


“My children, I don’t want to frighten you with all these warnings because God loves you all, but you still have little time to change. Tell people that Jesus will soon restore the world, but He wants people to stop offending Him, and to be sorry for the sins they commit.”


She said, “Right now, I want my children to think about these signs and to pray. Maybe through prayer, God will be merciful, and He may mitigate some of these events to come. I want my children to take this very seriously and to pray.”


Yesterday, I could hear Blessed Mother saying to me in my heart, “These signs that I want to tell you about, you keep ignoring them. You didn’t want to listen to my warnings.”


I said, “Blessed Mother, I am very sorry. I heard you, and I could hear your holy words echoing in my heart throughout the whole day. But I didn’t want to write down this message to scare people. Blessed Mother, this is not a very nice message to tell people about; people don’t like to hear messages like this.”


Lord Jesus have mercy on us and on the whole world, and I hope people will truly repent and come to You. Give them the grace to repent.”


Blessed Mother was urging me to write this message to warn her children.