6 January 2023

Soul of Young Teenager Desperate for Help

This evening as I was watching the nightly news, suddenly, a boy appeared standing beside my television, just looking at me. He was very young, about fourteen or fifteen years of age. He had a hood covering his head.

He was just standing there watching me. He was sad.

These souls are so needy that they just force themselves into my home. That is how desperate they are for help from us.

Immediately, I offered him to our Lord, then I went to get the holy water, and when I came back, he just vanished. Then I started to say the Holy Rosary and included him in my prayers.


The same young man came back again a second time another day.

One day, I asked the angel, “How do they know where I live?”

The angel said, “There is a beam of light to your house, and they all know where to come,”

Lord Jesus, have mercy on this boy. May he rest in peace.