7th February

First Friday

Lord Jesus said, “My sweet child, you were called here tonight so I can reveal things to you.”

Our Lord was looking at me with much love and compassion and said, “My child, you endure the hardest test I ever gave you. Please accept with love and console my Sacred Heart that grieves for all humanity in the world and is so offended. Your suffering is not in vain. If you could only see how many souls go to Heaven and how many sinners you save, plus you console my Sacred Heart that grieves and is offended by many blasphemies I receive daily from the world, you would be very happy to console me, my child. You plead to people and try to tell them my word, but your voice is not heard. I tell you, the same voice that comes from me I keep repeating to all humanity and plead for conversion but my words and voice are not heard. They are deaf to my call, their eyes are blind not to see what is going on in the world. The people are ignoring completely.”

“Valentina, can I count on you? Please help me and console me. I love you.” There were tears in Our Lord’s eyes as He spoke.