Friday 24 March 2023

Lord Jesus shows me what Earth will be like after the Transformation 

At home, during the night at one-thirty in the morning, while I was thanking the Lord and praising Him for His goodness and kindness, in that instant, our Lord spoke.

In a strong and firm voice, Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, My child, bring Me a sinner!”

I was thinking, “Where will I get a sinner at one-thirty in the morning?

He said, “Look around! There are many everywhere, all over the world. You will console Me, and I will bless you for it.”

I said to our Lord, “I might as well offer You everyone in the world because we are all sinners.”

Our Lord had a very sad expression on His face. He said with deep appreciation, “Thank You, My child.”

Our Lord Jesus then departed.

* * *

After a while, our Lord suddenly came again, accompanied by two angels. He looked much happier than a little earlier.

He said, “Come with Me because I want to reveal to you the Good News of My Coming.”

Suddenly I found myself in Heaven with our Lord and the two angels, in His Holy Presence.

Our Lord said, “The angel has already revealed to you the Good News of My Coming.” This was three days ago.

“But today, you will truly experience what it will be like on earth when all this transformation occurs.”

Smiling, He said, “Never before have I shown or revealed this to anyone, to experience what I will put into this New Era. You will experience what will happen.”

Our Lord was very excited. He came up close to me, gently brushing His beard against my cheek, and said, “Do you know you are very privileged? And I love you so much.”

I said, “And I love You too, Lord. But people will get jealous.”

Our Lord responded, “Valentina, when people come close to Me, I love them so deeply, and I Am intimate with them. I like to have an intimate relationship with My children. I would like each one to come to Me and to grow intimately with Me.”

He then showed me a very pale, sky-blue-coloured thin material with a delicate design lying on the lush, green grass. The fabric stretched across a large area, and our Lord invited me to join Him in the middle of the fabric. Our Lord practically sat on it, and I was kneeling beside Him. The two angels stood on the side of this material, watching. The material was flat and shaped, similar to the world, and I could see some of the edges reflecting the shape and outline of some of the world’s countries. The fabric represents the earth.

Then our Lord said to me, “Come closer to Me. Now I will show you. We will step into the transformation.”

I moved closer to our Lord, and before my very eyes, I witnessed the transformation that will happen on earth.

Suddenly graces of gold were pouring from Heaven onto our Lord and myself. It was breathtakingly beautiful. We were part of this transformation that was coming to the world.

Our Lord was showing me how He was already preparing the world for His Coming.

He said, “I Am already working on it.”

He was showing me some seeds that He was holding in His Hand. They were of different colours, some white, some red like peppercorns. Then He said, “I Am purifying the earth by planting these seeds.”

Our Lord went to the edge of the fabric, and going down on His knees, lifting the material, He placed His beautiful seeds under the edges of the material. He would then neatly fold the material under, like a single hem, so the seeds are hidden from the world. He continued to do this, gently going around the edges of the fabric, bit by bit, placing His beautiful seeds, being the goodness that will descend upon the earth. He will continue to do this until He takes over the world. Of course, with the help of our prayers.

He said, “These are the seeds I Am planting to purify the earth, which is so toxic and smelling of sins. So sinful is the world now.”

As He was planting these seeds, He showed them to me and said, “They are good and pure seeds, and you can eat them.” He took some and put them in His mouth.

I could see that some of these seeds had already sprouted and were growing.

At the same time, our Lord Jesus made this transformation happen. I was speechless; I cannot tell you how beautiful a feeling it was that you never want to leave—all the joy and graces pouring out in the atmosphere around us, pouring from all directions and descending upon the earth. I was so overwhelmed by what I was experiencing, and I watched our Lord smiling with immense joy and delight.

It will be a complete transformation of the world—a new Earth.

He said, “Valentina, not only will this take place, but another beautiful thing I want to tell you is that I will walk among My people and talk to them on earth, in person. I will really be present in person on earth again.”

Then He showed me groups of people standing around on a street. There were men, women and children here and there. He would walk from one group to the other, talking to them, conversing with them. And they were calling Him from everywhere to join them. They all wanted to be in His presence. Our Lord wanted to make everyone happy. It was beautiful, and our Lord was so joyous.

He showed me how peace and love will flow among mankind. There will be no more hate. It will be a simple life. Everybody will help one another and be kind to one another.

He said, “Valentina, you have no idea what it will be like. It will be paradise on earth; no more selfishness or greed. All evil will be defeated.”

Our Lord Jesus was smiling while He was telling me about the transformation of the earth.

I felt such an intimate union with our Lord Jesus. I wanted to stay in this extraordinary grace that He was showing me, but He said, “I want you to tell people that I Am closer and closer to coming back to earth, and I Am preparing for My Coming.”

Our Lord wants us to remain in a State of Grace and to call Him:

‘Jesus come, Jesus come to Your kingdom.’

He wants us to repeat this every day. Our Lord is in charge of the earth because, after all, it is all His Creation.

In the end, when our Lord showed me all the transformation, the angel brought a big square all-white container. Our Lord placed the container in the fabric’s centre, representing the earth’s centre. Beautifully placed in this box were white Hosts, being the Holy Eucharist.

Then our Lord took a beautiful bouquet of white flowers that the angel was holding. With interspersed greenery and a white ribbon tied around the stems, these were heavenly flowers not seen here on earth. Our Lord placed the white flowers upright in the centre of the white wooden box.

The gratitude of the people will be so great, and it will be transformed into a heavenly bouquet of flowers. In the New Era, people will truly appreciate and reverence the Holy Eucharist.

Lord Jesus, thank You for revealing this to me and giving hope to people because they wait for Your arrival. I love You very much.

* * * * *

Before the transformation, our Lord showed me how much danger is in the world and how He doesn’t abandon us. He showed me how many times we were in severe danger from rioting, from being controlled, and from the evil people wanting to start a war. However, each time, He would stop this evil.

Then our Lord showed me how close we are to the danger of the outbreak of war. As I was facing our Lord, an image appeared behind Him, all scribble lines on paper, all in different directions. This scribble represents all the evil being planned in the world. Then overlaying this image, I saw many pictures of our Lord, like holy pictures. This means that each time they planned to start some evil, our Lord interceded and stopped their plans because He knows how dangerous it is for the world.

He said, “You don’t know how close you have come to World War III, and each time I have stopped it. But how long can I keep doing that? Tell people to repent and to pray.”

I said, “Lord Jesus, thank You for stopping this war each time, but people are not grateful enough to You.”

Our Lord was talking about prayer. He said, “I need prayer. I need help from you.”

Our Lord is truly a beautiful God. You have to love Him. We should pray for people who don’t know Him, and who reject Him. Being in His Holy Presence makes you feel so good that you could not ask for anything better. You feel safe with our Lord. You feel complete.

Lord Jesus, we thank You for this beautiful message of hope for humanity.