GOOD FRIDAY, 10th April, 1998

In St. Raphael’s Church during the Passion of Christ I had a vision of Jesus’ suffering. He had been divested of His clothes. The Roman soldiers were with Jesus. They were being so cruel to our Lord. Beating suing whips and spitting on Him. I saw them throw Him to the ground and continued beating and spitting on Him. The ground was dry and dusty.

They treated Him like an animal. I saw a cross lying on the ground and the executioners pushed Him onto it. His body was torn and covered with cores totally reddened by His Precious Blood.

He allowed them to do whatever they wanted with Him. His face was so full of an expression of love, His compassionate eyes were turned toward me. I felt He was thinking, ‘look what they are doing to me!’ I wept torrents of tears and could hardly bear to watch this pitiful sight.

Then I saw the executioner come closer and rudely put Him on the cross. They nailed one hand to the cross and then using ropes they stretched His arm, not caring how they hurt Him, until the hand reached the point which they wanted to affix Him using huge blunt nails.

Then they crossed over His feet, and again the sound of the hammer on the nails. Everyone around was watching. I saw our Blessed Mother. She was so sorrowful watching all the suffering Her son was enduring. Her face and even Her lips were very pale.

Then they raised up the cross and I could hear it drop into a pit, striking the bottom with a loud thud.

Our Lord was covered in blood. All I could see was blood and bruising. Also, purple coloured sores, oozing liquid. His suffering was beyond our human understanding.

His beautiful mother was looking at Him constantly. There were other ladies and St. John beside Her near the cross. They tried to comfort Her.

Suddenly, a luminous bright light appeared above the cross and I saw God the Father appear in a beautiful aura surrounded by a host of angels to comfort our Lord and give Him strength.

The next vision which came to me was seeing our Lord placed in the tomb. Our Blessed Mother was standing beside Him, watching Him peacefully sleeping. Our Lord was now clean. All the people who were around Him were preparing Him for the burial with herbal ointment. They covered Him with white linen.

Then they tried to help Holy Mary as they left the tomb, but she just wanted to stay with Her Son. She loved Him so very much. Eventually they persuaded Her to leave but she kept looking back. The tomb was now empty except for our Lord.

The next vision I saw was the tomb filled with a golden light and many angels. This brought me much happiness. Our Lord was sleeping peacefully. His face was so beautiful, radiant with light and his eyes were closed.

When this vision ended, I cried and cried because of what I had seen.