July 1988

I was praying at home, and a beautiful vision came to me. A beautiful garden containing a large crystal building. Suddenly inside the building, I saw a door open and a little boy with ginger hair appeared. He approached a chalk board and pinned on it a beautiful bird that he had painted, red, yellow and grey. I wondered, what is this vision, what does it mean? Then I felt very happy and peaceful, and Our Lord Jesus appeared, dressed in sackcloth, smiling. He came very close and sat next to me on the floor.

He said, smiling, “I bless everything. I love children. Clever aren’t they?” He continued, “I lovechildren, I bless them all, even their lollies. I bless everything, I bless everyone.” I gathered courage and said, “What about the bread?” He replied, “The bread too, when it is baked. I bless it all over the world. I bless everyone and everything. With a blink of my eye I can change
everything.” Again I wanted to ask Our Lord, What about me? , but I was thinking, who am I to ask Our Lord for blessings. I am not worthy of His blessings. Our Lord turned to me, smiling, and pointed His finger at me and said, “And I can read the minds and thoughts and hearts of all people, and I bless you too!” Then I was surprised that without asking Him, He knew what I was

Thankyou, Our Lord Jesus, for all Your blessings You give us every day and every moment of our lives.