24th March 2018

Warning from our Blessed Mother to take Messages Seriously


Today, Lord Jesus said, “My child, learn about this present time, that you are living in. Learn from this present life.  Nothing lasts forever, and you gain nothing out of it. Only through your ups and downs, and through your sufferings and your crosses, do you possess Eternal Life, which lasts forever. Amen!”

Today I also greeted Blessed Mother saying, “My dearest Mother and Queen!”

She said, “My Dear children, listen to my warnings and to my messages that I have been giving you, for a long time now. The times are approaching very fast, and you will experience all kinds of calamities, and you will be very sorry that you did not listen to me.”

Very seriously, Blessed Mother continued, “You take the messages with ease, very lightly. You should think about them and take them more seriously, because they could be my last messages and my last warnings to you.”

14 February 2021

Modification to Distribution of Ashes for Ash Wednesday


Today, after Holy Mass, I heard that for Ash Wednesday when we receive the ashes, there will be no Sign of the Cross placed on our foreheads, but just a sprinkle of ashes on each person’s head, without the priest repeating the phrase for each individual, ‘Remember that you are dust and unto dust, you shall return.’ That really hit me deep in my heart.


Shocked and saddened, I said to the people I was standing with, “I’ve never, never experienced something like this in my life. Every day something new comes out.”


As soon as I walked into the Chapel to pray, immediately our Lord Jesus spoke to me and said, “Kneel and do reparation for the changes they keep making which offend Me so gravely.”


“Why do they keep changing things? They are the ones who ruin my churches,” He said.


Our Lord taught me, the Sign of the Cross is so important to receive because He died on the Cross for our Salvation. The Sign of the Cross is important, even for people who are not baptised or do not have much faith, even for people on Ash Wednesday. When they receive the Sign of the Cross on their forehead, if something was to happen to them, they are safe, because they have the Sign of the Cross.

The Sign of the Cross is Victory, and it is for the Salvation of Souls. And what are they doing now? They are trying to dismiss the Cross.


Sprinkling some ashes on the top of their heads, that won’t save them. The Cross is so powerful! These changes to the Distribution of Ashes offend God tremendously. People already offend Him in the Holy Eucharist which they receive unrepentantly. Each time I go to church, our Lord asks me to do reparation because the priests do not speak about repentance.


Our Lord is not happy at all with the changes for Ash Wednesday. He wants that we carry on the tradition of receiving the Ashes the way it was until now.


Whenever our Lord is gravely offended, He asks me to make reparation, so I pray the Fatima Prayer of Reparation:


Oh Most Holy Trinity

Father, Son and, Holy Spirit, +

I adore Thee profoundly.

I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity

Of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles throughout the world,

in reparation for the sins committed,

for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences which

gravely offend Him. By the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Have Mercy on all poor sinners.





5 February 2021

Meeting Souls who sacrificed their lives for others


Today, the angel guided me to see some souls in Purgatory. I could see them coming in a big group, ordinary people, but there were a lot of men, and they were asking me to help them.


After they passed by, another group of souls came along. This group of souls was huge, easily a couple of hundred of them. They were all dressed in police uniforms; they were all wearing blue shirts with police hats. There was something like a fence surrounding them.


They said, “Valentina, we are the police who sacrificed our lives for the public, for the people. Now that we are here, nobody helps us and prays for us. Can you please intercede for us so that we can go on and continue to go on?”


I do not know whether they were all Christians or Catholics, but they were begging me to help them. I have never seen so many police. At first, I thought they were alive, but then I saw they were closely packed together. They lamented that nobody helps them and that they sacrificed their lives for people.


I then encountered another group of souls. These were aviation people, captains and crews of aeroplanes. They also told me how they sacrificed their lives. They had to transport people overseas and take them everywhere.


They said, “We risked our lives.”


These were all different groups of souls, but a lot of them were men. What they had in common is that they all worked in service to the public.  They deserve to be remembered by people here on earth. Even in churches, people do not remember to pray for them. That is why they are all waiting for our prayers and sacrifices.


Lord have mercy on their souls.

4 February 2021

Souls of Muslims waiting for someone to help them


While I was praying my morning prayers, suddenly I found myself in front of St Margaret Mary’s Church, not far from my home. I said to myself, “What am I doing here?”


As I was standing there, a group of ladies approached me. They all gathered around me, and there were a few men with them. From a distance, I could see more of them approaching. The direction they were coming from was from St Raphael’s Church which is just a couple of hundred metres down the road from St Margaret Mary’s Church, where I was standing.


It was a long procession of people coming from the direction of St Raphael’s Church to St Margaret Mary’s Church.


Some of these women and men that gathered around me started talking to me. They said, “Valentina, we have come to ask you if you can help us? We were led to you. By our religion, we were Muslims. We would like to ask you to help us to know our Lord Jesus. We do not know very much about Him. Can you teach us?”


“We worshipped Muhammad while we were alive,” they said.


I said, “No one can go above God!”


“Can you tell me who is this person, Muhammad?” I asked.


They said, “Well, he wasn’t a bad person. He tried to teach people to live a good life and to respect one another. But now we are here on the other side, and we now know that he is nothing. He was just an ordinary person. And we have found out about Jesus Christ. But we do not know much about Him, so we would like you to teach us and tell us about Him and to recommend us to Him.”


We were standing in front of the entrance door to St Margaret Mary’s Church. I said, “Well, see this door! It is the entrance to the church. Come with me! I will take you into the church, and I will show you Jesus Christ.”


They said, “No, no! They told us we cannot go into the church because during our lives we did not honour Him, we did not know Him, and we were not taught about Him, so now we have to learn about our Lord Jesus.”


I explained to them that our Lord Jesus is in the Tabernacle in the Church. I also taught them what happens in the church during the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.


They said, “During our lives, we were misled; instead of learning about our Lord and His life, we had to learn about our Muslim faith, and that was very wrong. That is why Valentina, we ask you if you can help us. That is why we are very poor.”


They were nice-looking people, wearing everyday clothing but very poorly dressed. The women were not wearing any head coverings. I noticed they wore stockings with big holes in them. They looked very poor and were lamenting, “Everything is broken.”


I said, “Yes, there are holes everywhere.” It means that they were spiritually poor.


They said, “We keep walking and walking, and we hang around the Catholic Churches looking for someone to help us. We will have to stay in Purgatory for a long time because we have to learn about our Lord.”


They said, “We were not bad people, we tried to do good deeds on earth, but we did not worship our Lord Jesus, but Muhammad, who now we find out was just an ordinary person.”


They keep going from one Church to another, in a big procession, and back again, waiting for somebody to help them. That is why they asked me to offer them to our Lord.


From my previous visits to Purgatory, there are places there where the souls learn about the life of our Lord Jesus, in the form of images shown to them about our Lord’s life.


Some years ago, a group of souls told me, “We are not Catholic. You should be very grateful that you are Catholic people. In Heaven, Catholic people are privileged, but on earth, they don’t know that.”


Even an Indian lady I once met at prayer group, who was not Christian. I prayed with her and placed the Sign of the Cross on her forehead. Sometime later, after she died, she came to me to thank me and said, “Valentina, I would be lost forever if it wasn’t for the Holy Cross you placed on my forehead.”


During the Holy Mass today, I offered the group of Muslim souls to our Lord.


Lord, have mercy on these people. I continue to pray for them.



31 January 2021

Visit to see Father Valerian


This morning, I said my prayers when suddenly Father Valerian came to me, not to my room, but we met in a heavenly place unfamiliar to me.


He said, “I have come to see the messages that you have received.”


The messages appeared in the form of a very long scroll, typewritten in black ink. The scroll was of beautiful silvery-grey paper almost transparent, about fifteen centimetres in width. It was an unusual paper and not from here on earth. As the scroll was quite long, Father Valerian and I held it with both our hands, that it draped over our hands and, on my side, was almost falling to the ground. The messages were typewritten in sections along the whole scroll, even on the underside.


Father Valerian was very carefully looking through the messages, even turning the scroll over to the other side, reading them as he was going along, and then turning back again.


He stopped at a particular message and said, “I am very interested in this message.”


I said, “Father, there are more messages here on this side.” I wanted to continue to turn over the scroll to the more recent messages.


“Yes, yes I know,” he said, “but leave those for now. I am not interested in those. I am interested in this one.” He pointed to the message that interested him and said, “This message is very important.” He appeared quite serious and focused on this particular message, studying it and reading it very closely and for quite a long time.


I could see that he was reading a message from the 2019 year, not from 2020, as I was about to turn the other side of the scroll to the 2020 year.


He said, “You know what! Don’t stop! Let no-one stop you. Talk to people about Jesus’s Messages and the Word He teaches you and gives you. Don’t be afraid of people.”


I felt that Father Valerian came to encourage me. I felt so good that he was present with me and telling me what I have to do.


He said, “Don’t listen to anybody; just follow what our Lord tells you to do. Don’t listen to people. Be courageous and proclaim His Holy Word so that people can pray and convert.”


After this heavenly experience, I was looking at the messages from 2019, and I asked the Lord, “Lord, what was the message from 2019 that Father Valerian was so interested in?”


As I opened the book, it immediately opened up to the message from 23 October 2019 about the poor and hungry children in Africa. The next day the book opened to the same message again.


While Father Valerian was alive, I remember that he often talked about the hungry and dying people in the world during many of his homilies. He would say, “People say there is not enough food for all the people in the worldThere is enough food, but not enough charity. People don’t want to share, and they are too selfish.”


Here I reprint the message from 23 October 2019 about the poor and hungry people suffering in the World:


It was late evening, and I had just finished my prayers. I picked up the Holy Bible and opened the pages to St Paul, and began to read. I really love this Gospel, it is a very good teaching and simple to understand.


I was hoping to have a good night’s sleep, instead, I started to experience an intense pain throughout my whole body, especially my left leg. I kept lamenting to our Lord, as the pain was so intense that it kept me up all night.


As dawn broke, our Lord suddenly appeared to me and said, “Valentina, My child, I Am very sorry that you are in so much agony. It is I Who gave you extra strong pain to endure.”


Jesus then invited me to come with Him.


He said, “Come with Me, and I will show you why you have to suffer.”


Suddenly, our Lord Jesus and I were in the middle of the Continent of Africa, in some remote place. He took me to meet some abandoned, poor people with little children. What I saw, I will never forget. The children were dying of starvation, along with their mothers. They had nothing to eat, and I could see their rib cages protruding out; there was no flesh, their eyes were large and completely sunken, their teeth were just like hanging from a skeleton.


Our Lord Jesus was so sad at the sight of the suffering of these poor people. He said, “My child, look at how they suffer. There is nothing for them to eat. They are persecuted and abandoned, left to be killed by evil tribes.”


“Every minute, one or more die. This tears My Heart into pieces to watch these people in so much poverty. This should not happen. There are so many millionaires in the world, rich men, but they are only for themselves, and they are still grabbing and accumulating more wealth. The more they have, the more they want.”


Jesus repeated twice, “Greed! Greed! Never enough!’


“If they could only share some of their wealth, how many graces they would receive from Me. Instead, they are cold-hearted and selfish.”


Our Lord took one of the babies and held it in His Holy Hands. He then gently placed the baby back in the mother’s arms, but the baby died. The mother was too weak to cry out as she watched her little baby die.


Our Lord blessed them, making the Sign of the Cross with His Holy Hand. We then left this place, and our Lord took me to a Middle Eastern country.


There, too, we stopped, and our Lord sadly shook His Holy Head in disbelief at what was happening. I could see how He was finding it difficult to hold back His Tears. His Eyes were all watery.


I started to cry at what I saw. In this place, everything was ruined and devastated. All the people were being persecuted. They were crying, with no food to eat or water to drink. I could see adults running away from the bombs that were falling. I could see many children screaming and crying.


Our Lord kept repeating, “See, My child, how they suffer. Every day, many innocent children and ordinary men and women are killed. This war and all the evil that is happening here should not be. But evil men want to fight and cause all evil because the devil tells them to do so, to reduce the population in all parts of the world. So much misery, so much hate, so much unnecessary suffering.”


Our Lord then said, “I didn’t plan to judge the world yet, but the way it is going, worse than ever, I will judge soon.” Jesus spoke these words as we watched all this misery.


Our Lord turned to me and said, “Valentina, My child, please tell the world to repent of their sin and greed. Greed is a terrible sin. It can even cause you to lose your soul.”


“Valentina, the pain that you endure, it is for all of that, which I reveal to you. It gives Me some consolation for My Sacred Heart which is bleeding of too much pain for what I now see in the world.”


Our Lord is so sad.


Lord Jesus come to help the needy and bless them and give them strength in their daily persecution and struggles.


31 January 2021

Since the Coronavirus more Sacrilege in My Churches

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta


During Holy Mass, I saw our Lord Jesus very high up, near the Crucifix in the Church. He was standing behind a polished, wooden partition, in what looked like a mezzanine extending from wall to wall. It was a Heavenly vision. The tall Crucifix in the background seemed to disappear.


Our Lord appeared from the waist up only, dressed all in white and holding His hands down. He was smiling and looking down at me. At the same time, while I was sitting in the Church, I turned to my right, and I could see an angel next to me, dressed all in a blue, like a uniform, a mixture of lighter and darker blue tones.


I thought to myself, ‘Why would the angel be guarding me, and our Lord looking at me?’ I felt a little bit embarrassed.


Our Lord then said to me, “See, I Am always present. I never let you go. I always keep an eye on you.”


Feeling embarrassed, I said to our Lord, “Lord, sometimes You stare at me too much. Did I do something wrong?”


He said, “No, I protect you. You see, you have your guardian angel who is always with you.”


After I received the Holy Eucharist and came back to my pew and knelt, again, the angel was present on my right side. But that doesn’t mean that he was guarding me, he was guarding and adoring the Holy Communion that I had just received.


Our Lord said to me, “I have to lament to you. Since the Coronavirus, there is so much more sacrilege in My Churches everywhere. Between the masks that you have to wear and all the restrictions, people are very confused, and they don’t even go to the Sacrament of Confession anymore.”


I pleaded to our Lord; I said, “Lord, please don’t take this as a sin, because it is not our fault, we have to obey the law and do what they tell us.”


He said, “I Am very much sacrileged. It should not be like that. You should not be wearing a mask like a dog. That is how you all appear in My Eyes.”


I have noticed that our Lord is so much closer to us now, during these difficult and confusing times in the world. He wants to protect us from all the evil that is going on around us. So, we have to work hard to come back to our Lord, to be united with Him.


Lord Jesus have mercy on us and protect us.

31 January 2021

Many evil things are planned for the World

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta


As I was praying the Hail Holy Queen, I thanked Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus for giving me the grace to be in church, and attend Holy Mass.


Blessed Mother said, “Always thank us and invite us to come with you wherever you go.”


Then, Blessed Mother had a warning for the world. She said, “My daughter, I have to tell you that they are planning many evil things in the world, to unleash on humanity. But I cannot help you, my children, if you do not pray. Only through prayer can I intercede and stop all of that and help you.”


She said, “Tell people to pray, pray, pray. Do not stop praying! These are the times that you have to pray and pray. Never get tired of it.”


Prayer can stop bad things from happening, or it can mitigate them, and it is so powerful that it blinds the devil. I was taught this from Heaven.


Blessed Mother, please help us and protect us.


28 January 2021

Visit to Heaven to see someone I Knew


Early in the morning, while I was praying, the angel appeared and said, “Come with me, our Lord wants you to witness something that you have been praying for. There is someone for you to see that you knew in your life. You will be very surprised.”


A year ago, on the 1 February 2020, four beautiful children were killed in a tragic accident while walking on the sidewalk on their way to get some ice-cream, when a car ran into them. Three of the children were siblings, Angelina, Sienna and Antony, and the fourth, Veronique, was their cousin.


I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Veronique on quite a few occasions; at family prayer groups, where I was invited to talk about the Messages I receive from Heaven, and to pray together. On one of those occasions, a few years ago, I was invited by Veronique’s mother to their home for a prayer gathering, where we prayed the Holy Rosary, and I talked about the Messages. It was a beautiful afternoon of prayer and sharing our faith. Many people came with their families. Her three little cousins, who died in the same accident, were also there.


Last year I was given a little memento box with a photo of Veronique on the exterior, and inside the box were rosary beads.


About two weeks ago, the thought suddenly came to me, ‘I think I am going to pray on Veronique’s rosary beads.’ I offered the rosary for her soul. Since then, I had such joy in me that I continued to pray for her and her three little cousins. I offered them all to our Blessed Mother.


While I was praying, I asked the Lord, “Lord, are Veronique and the other children in Heaven yet?”


It appears that all this was leading to the visitation by the angel today. Suddenly, the angel and I found ourselves in a building that looked like a church, but unlike churches here on earth, there were no statues of saints. There was an Altar and many, many pews, divided into four sections. The room was huge, like the size of a large cathedral.


The pews were full of young girls; at least three hundred of them, all about the same age, about twelve to thirteen years old. They were sitting very close next to each other. They were all so beautiful with beautiful hair, and dressed identically, wearing beautiful dark green blazers, with light blue coloured shirts, with simple collars. They each had a beautiful heavenly ornament stretching across the blazer; something holy was on each ornament. Their skirts were white with blue checkers all over and were quite long. They wore black shoes.


The angel directed me to sit in one of the pews. I did so, right at the end, next to a narrow aisle. I was seated somewhere in the middle of the large building. There was a little partition behind me, and then to my left side, there was another line of pews.


At the front was an Altar, and I could see a Priest there. I did not know if the Priest was our Lord Jesus or a saintly priest. He wore beautiful white vestments embellished with exquisite gold embroidery.


He was talking to all the girls, teaching them things. They listened intently, but, once in a while, they would be praising God and singing.


They were singing, ‘Sanctum, Sanctum, Benedictum, Tuum.’ and

Adoremus ,Adoremus in aeternum Sanctissimum Sacramentum.’

They were singing ‘we adore You, we adore You’; all praising and singing was in Latin. It was so beautiful and uplifting.


Suddenly, I found myself joining in, and singing and praising along with them. I was singing so joyfully in a very high voice; as loud as I could sing, at the top of my voice. I felt so happy and overjoyed at the whole experience. It was quite amazing, as on earth I don’t have the same singing voice. However, in Heaven, my voice was so clear and so high and so melodic. It carries you into praising and adoring God. It is such a beautiful grace.


When the singing stopped, it was quiet again. I turned my head to my left, and a girl sitting opposite me, across the aisle, turned towards me and in a joyful voice said, “Oh, hello Valentina! I recognised you by your singing voice.”


It was Veronique! She looked about twelve years old but more mature—what a beautiful surprise.


Excited, she said, “How good to see you. I’m so happy.”


I said to her, “You look so beautiful!” I have never seen her look so beautiful.


We were whispering to one another, so as not to disturb the other girls.


Veronique’s hair was glowingly beautiful and loosely falling to just below her shoulders, so soft and shiny. Her face was glowing with the radiance of holiness.


As the aisle between us was relatively narrow, we were able to move closer to each other.


Veronique said, “It’s so good to see you. Are you going to stay with me?”


“I wish I could, but I can’t,” I replied.


“Can you go behind me and stay with me?” she asked.


I said, “I wish I could, but I have to go.”


I only had limited time to witness what she was doing. I asked, “What are you all doing?”


She said, “We are in Spiritual School. We are learning all about the Spiritual.”


I understood that learning continues in Heaven. What she missed here on earth, she will learn in Heaven. Already, since she died, I feel that she has grown up, developed more, and is more mature. She looked so beautiful. Oh, she was so radiant and so happy.


“What a beautiful girl,” I said “Wow!” Veronique is now completely transformed from what she looked like while here on earth. She was beautiful while alive, but now she is even more beautiful.


In my heart, I pondered how she did not ask me for her mother or her brother or anybody. She is complete in Heaven, so she does not need anything. She does not want to be sorrowful, and she does not miss anybody. She was glad to see me because I was there present. And for me, our Lord gives me the grace to see her and to know where she is now. When I looked around to see if I could see the other three children, I could not see them. The other girls who died were of different ages, so they would be with girls of their own age, the boy would be with boys of his own age.


After the angel brought me home, I could not get over it, and I said “Thank You, Lord, for giving me this grace, to witness Veronique. Now I know that she is in a beautiful place, and she continues in the Spiritual School.”


In the spiritual school in Heaven, Veronique does not need to learn earthly skills. In Heaven, you must learn spiritually; adoring and praising God, and learning about other things about God, that she maybe did not learn here on earth.


I reflected on this experience all day long, and completely immersed my mind in the beauty of everything I had just experienced; the singing and praising God. I can still see Veronique so vividly, and I felt so happy the whole day.


Lord Jesus, thank you for this beautiful grace.


Many times, I receive messages from our Lord that are for a particular person or family. Recently our Lord Jesus said, “Whatever messages I give you, it doesn’t matter for whom the message is. Whether it is for a particular person or a general message for everyone, you must send the messages to everyone. Everyone is allowed to read them because they can touch many souls in different ways, not only one person. Many people in the world may have experienced similar tragedies in their lives, so they all need consolation. The messages can touch many people. Let nothing stop you.”


27 January 2021

A Soul Receives the Everlasting Crown of Life


At home, while I was praying the Rosary and the Consecration to our Blessed Mother, I asked Blessed Mother, “Is it still good the way we consecrate ourselves to your Immaculate Heart, during the Cenacle prayers?”


Blessed Mother appeared. In her hands, she held what looked like a board with prayers on it. She said, “Oh, yes, that is good. You must continue.”


I continued praying when suddenly I was taken away and found myself in Heaven, sitting on a bench next to our Blessed Mother. We began chatting to each other, when, suddenly, to our right, coming through a door were many people. Amongst them was a lady I knew from my local Slovenian Church. Her name is Maria. She looked so radiant and beautiful and was beautifully dressed.


She came in and joyfully exclaimed, “I was dead, and now I am alive! And I will live forever and ever!”


Blessed Mother was smiling as Maria came towards us. She embraced Blessed Mother and kissed her on both cheeks. Maria was grateful to her, as Blessed Mother probably consoled her many times. She then also kissed me on both cheeks and then hugged me.


She then stood back. There were other ladies there as well. She said, “I have received the Crown of Life, and no-one will ever take it away from me. I will live forever and will never die again.” She was so happy, and Blessed Mother was smiling.


Maria continued and said, “I can do anything I want now, and right now, I am going to visit three places.” She now had freedom, and never again will she die. She was so happy and joyous.


While she was alive on earth, I remember Maria had ginger-blonde hair, and her face had many prominent age spots. However, now she looked so beautiful, her face was now spotless and so radiant. Blessed Mother was so joyful with her.


I said to Maria, “Maria, I prayed for you too.”


“I know you did,” she said.


A few years ago, I met Maria in Purgatory; the angel took me there. She was among a lot of people. When I came near her, she turned her face away from me. She looked very sad and miserable. I remember I said to her that I was surprised she was still in Purgatory, I thought she would already be in Heaven. She told me that she was not worthy to even look at me. I asked her why. She said that while she was alive, she, along with others, criticised me as they didn’t believe I truly received messages from Heaven and that I had Heavenly experiences. For this, she told she had to suffer in Purgatory.


I told her back then, not to worry that I forgive her and that I will help her and pray for her, as I wanted to give her encouragement.


Now, Maria is in Heaven, completely transformed, so beautiful and radiant. God is so good.


Blessed Mother then said to me, “Well, now, I have to go and visit three people on earth. One of them is Rudi, whom you know. He is waiting for your messages. You promised him the messages, but you did not give them to him yet. He loves the messages. He loves our Holy Word, and I am going to visit him. I love Rudi very much; he is very devoted to me.” She then said the names of two other people she will visit. I did not know them.


Thank you, Blessed Mother, for your prayers and your love for all your children.


24 January 2021

Bear it with Love

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta


Today, during the Holy Mass, I said “Lord, I am sorry that we offend You with the wearing of the mask. I feel so uncomfortable, and it is so annoying.”


Our Lord responded, “Bear it! Bear it with love.”


And then He said, “I tell you once more, through the Coronavirus, that has spread all over the world, I was hoping people would convert and repent and change.”


“But they haven’t, only a very few have,” He said.


“How people are so blind. Repentance is everything. When they repent, I Am willing to forgive and to forget. But if they don’t repent, My right Hand is very heavy. I have to lower it down again. You’d better tell My children something else will come.”


“Repentance is the key word today,” He said


When people repent of their sins, stop offending God, and adjust their lives, God will definitely be merciful. If people don’t, who knows what is ahead of us. The future is in our hands.

22 January 2021

Two Miracles to happen in Medjugorje


The angel came, and he said, “Come with me and let us go and console some Holy Souls. They are waiting.”


We came to a place, an open field, and it was relatively dark. We encountered many souls there. They were all dressed in conventional clothes, in different shades of brown. There were thousands and thousands of souls. They were all waiting, crying and pleading, begging us to pray for them, some of them losing hope.


I said to them, “Don’t lose hope. God knows for everything. You have to be patient, and you have to do what they tell you to do.”


Souls don’t like to suffer. Most of them here, I felt, were those who had died from the Coronavirus. There were youngish people as well. They were all quite friendly and polite as they spoke to me. They said to me, “Valentina, we had plans in our lives, and suddenly in two days, we got sick, and we died. We were not prepared, and we didn’t have time to repent.”


“But if you are sorry,” I said, “I’ll pray for you, and God’s mercy is big.”


The souls need our help; the more you console them, the more you give them even a little hope and show that you care for them, pray for them, and show that you want to help them, the quicker they will progress.


When we finished visiting the souls in this place, the angel said to me, “There is one more thing I want to show you.”


“Come with me!” He said.


We walked some distance and entered a building, and inside I could see quite a large group of people. To my pleasant surprise, amongst them, I saw Marija, the visionary from Medjugorje. I did not recognise any of the other people. Marija was talking to them. On a table in front of her, I could see two sheets of paper with writing on each of them.


The angel asked, “Do you know her?”


I replied, “Oh, that’s Marija Lunetti from Medjugorje! She lives in Milano.”


He said, “Listen to what she has to say.”


In a serious but normal tone, she was talking to the people about the writing on the two sheets of paper. I watched as she would pick up one sheet, read from it, and then put it down and pick up the other sheet.


On both of the sheets, I also saw pictures, here and there. Even though I was not standing so close to her, I could still clearly see the image on the first sheet; it was the Blessed Sacrament, as you would see during Exposition, and it was drawn with colours. The other sheet had a different design on it, which clouded over, so I don’t know what it was. But there were two messages, and each of them had images.


Marija said, “People, I want to tell you, soon God will give two miracles that will happen in Medjugorje so that people will believe that Medjugorje is authentic and to prove to them that He really did come there. It will happen!”


“Two miracles will happen in Medjugorje to testify that He really comes,” She repeated. Marija did not say what the miracles would be, but what I saw on the sheet of paper was the Blessed Sacrament.


The people there were asking her questions. I did not know whether they were alive or deceased, but I was made to understand that Marija was in a spiritual meeting somewhere, and it was given to me to witness what she was telling these people. I had this privilege to see her, so maybe she will receive this message about the miracles to come in the not so distant future.


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the grace given to me to be witness to this.


17 January 2021

Baby Jesus and the Signs on His Right Foot


During the night, I suffered extreme pain in my leg. It was unbearable. I kept saying, “Lord, how am I going to go to church if You don’t give me a little rest?”


Towards the early morning hours, the pain started to leave me as our Lord took a lot of it away. As I was beginning to feel better, I decided to pray my morning prayers.


Suddenly, Blessed Mother appeared holding Baby Jesus in her arms. He looked so beautiful. Blessed Mother said, “I come to console you. I come to bring you my Son, to give you courage so that you do not think of your suffering.”


She asked, “Would you like to hold my Baby?”


“Oh, I’d love to,” I replied.


“He wants to come to you,” she said, as she gently placed Him in my hands.


I said, “Oh Blessed Mother, I am not worthy, but feel very privileged that I hold Baby Jesus.”


She said, “He loves to come to you because you console Him.”


I was touching His little Feet and playing with Him. His Eyes were so big and full of love and passion.


I said, “Blessed Mother, how beautiful! There is no baby so beautiful as Baby Jesus.”


She said, “No, there is no-one anywhere as beautiful as He is. You must understand that He is Almighty God, and He is so holy.”


Baby Jesus was radiant, dressed in a white satin outfit. His little Feet were bare. He was so calm, so peaceful and serene.


I admired and played with His little Feet when suddenly, I noticed on His right Foot markings. They were like wounds that had healed and a mark left behind, like little signs.


I asked Blessed Mother, “Why are these marks on His little Foot?”


She explained, “He was already born with these signs. These are Biblical Signs that represent that He is God, and He is Christ, and He is very holy.”


I could see on each toe the following signs:


‘C’ represents Christ.





I couldn’t see the sign on the littlest toe as it was too small.


The signs are on His right Foot because this represents power and strength, that He is God, and He can put His Foot down to crush evil. Each sign has a different meaning.


For quite a long time, we were sharing in the joy of Baby Jesus.


Thank you, Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus for the beautiful grace that you reveal to me.


16 January 2021

The Weather will Change


I was doing some gardening. I said, “Lord, thank you for the cooler weather that we experience today. I don’t really like hot weather.”


Our Lord heard me and replied, “Well, enjoy it. You will be very surprised when one winter morning you get up, and you find snow in your backyard.”


It is extremely rare for it to snow in Sydney.

16 January 2021

Prayer is Most Important in the World Today


This morning while I was praying, the angel came and said, “I want you to come with me, the Blessed Mother of our Lord would like to see you.”


Suddenly, we found ourselves in a beautiful heavenly garden. We were surrounded by many small trees, like a forest, and lush green grass covered the ground, it was all alive. I could feel so much love and peace; it was everywhere. I was inhaling all the peace and love; it was so beautiful.


A group of saintly ladies were waiting for us, and amongst them was Blessed Mother. She was wearing a mixture of deep green and blue, like peacock colours. Her head was not covered, and her flowing hair appeared chestnut blonde reflecting her holiness.


Blessed Mother smiled and said, “Valentina, we were waiting for you. Since there is so much confusion and trouble in the world today, we invite you to say a Rosary with us here in Heaven. The world will not get better unless the people in the world pray and change. The world is so sinful, but prayer can ease a lot of the suffering, and things would become better if people would pray.”


Our Blessed Mother was so happy and so joyful. She then said, “Let us kneel down and pray for the world.”


As we all knelt on the ground, Blessed Mother knelt right next to me, and then, with one voice, we all joined in prayer.


During the Rosary prayers, our Blessed Mother kept saying to me, “Valentina, louder! Louder! We can hardly hear you. Raise your voice above other voices, don’t be shy, don’t be afraid. Give encouragement to people, tell them they must pray. Spread the Rosary, which is so essential for the world now.”


“Prayer is the most important thing right now, more important than anything else in the world,” she repeated.


I knew straight away what our Blessed Mother meant.


Again, she said, “On earth, don’t be shy, be courageous, nobody can harm you. Tell people to pray and to spread the Holy Rosary and encourage them to pray.”


Suddenly I found myself back home, and I was still repeating the Rosary prayers; I was praying the Hail Mary. The Rosary touched my heart so deeply that I could not stop praying it. There was something so joyful in me that I just wanted to pray and pray all day long. It was like a magnet, so powerful, I was so drawn to the Rosary and to pray.


I felt so much love for the Rosary and how beautiful it is! It is made by Heaven, and through the Rosary, your whole soul is praising God as you reflect on the life of Jesus Christ.


So deep in your soul and heart is the meaning of the Holy Rosary and so powerful too.


By praying, we can stop many things from happening in the world.

15 January 2021

St Patrick’s Cathedral

Our Lord takes Souls to Heaven


Today I came to the Church hoping that they would have the daytime mass, and afterwards the Cenacle Rosary prayers. I walked into the Chapel, and I could see quite a few people in there waiting and praying.


I asked one of the ladies, “Is there Mass today?”


She replied, “Oh no, no Mass today and no prayers.”


I was so disappointed and sad. The Church was still on its summer break.


Anyway, in my heart, I said to our Lord, “I came here, and I am not just going to walk out. I’m disappointed, and I know prayer is very essential.”


Usually, I would bring to Mass, all the Holy Souls that come into my room, begging for help, and offer them to our Lord at the Altar. Today I could not do this as there was no daytime celebration of the Holy Mass.


I knelt before the Holy Tabernacle, and I said to our Lord, “Lord, I couldn’t offer You all the Holy Souls that I saw, that came into my room because there is no Mass today, but I offer them to You now. Be merciful to them.”


I then started to pray the Holy Rosary. Today I prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries. During the third Sorrowful Mystery, I meditated on our Lord’s crowning with Thorns, and as I was praying, our Lord appeared to me and revealed something to me.


He said, “Don’t be upset, My child. I Am going to show you something that I have never revealed to you before. How I love you to be in My Holy Presence.”


“Look!” He said, “I Am going to reveal to you, during your prayers, what I have done!”


Near the Holy Tabernacle, I could see our Lord. He was very, very tall and enormous, and I could see many Holy Souls, all looking very thin, and I watched as He embraced all these souls; He stretched out His Arms right around them. There were so many of them, and I watched as He raised them and took them directly to Heaven.


He said, “I take them to Heaven Myself. Since you were disappointed that there was no Holy Mass at which you can offer them to Me, I have shown you how I have taken all those souls to Heaven, because you said your prayers so sincerely. You should do this more often.”


He did this again during the fourth Sorrowful Mystery with a new group of Holy Souls, and also during the fifth Sorrowful Mystery of the Holy Rosary.


It was so peaceful in the Chapel. I prayed the Holy Rosary, the Hail Holy Queen, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and The Divine Praises. I felt so joyful in our Lord’s presence. It was a very beautiful and uplifting experience.


I was so surprised as I watched how our Lord embraced the Holy Souls and scooped them up and took them to Heaven. He did this three times, once during each of the last three sorrowful mysteries.

10 January 2021

The Nations Prepare Dough


This morning while I was praying my morning prayers, the angel appeared, and said, “I am the angel of the Lord, and the Lord wants to see you in His Holy Presence. Come with me to see something that our Lord wants to reveal to you and for you to witness.”


Suddenly we found ourselves in the Holy Presence of the Lord. I was standing near our Lord Jesus when I saw groups of people from many different nations. They were standing quite a few metres from us.


Lord Jesus was talking to them. He said, “I want each of you to make a dough the way you would make it in your own tradition. When you make the dough bring a piece of it and place it on this table.”


I could hear people talking in many languages, such as Russian, Slovenian, Croatian and Italian.”


Then I saw a Russian lady approach our Lord and speak to Him in English with a very heavy accent. She said, “Lord, we make our dough differently. We combine yeast, milk and water and other ingredients to make it nice and good.”


Our Lord smiled and said, “That’s all right. That’s good, just make it the way you were taught in your tradition, and I will accept it. And then when you make it, bring it to the table and unite it to the one that I Myself have placed on this table.”


Each nation had to bring a piece of their freshly made dough and join it to our Lord’s, which was the largest and in the centre of the table. I watched as they made their doughs, and one by one, they would bring it to the table and join it to our Lord’s.


At the same time, I watched as our Lord, on an adjacent wall was moving some numbers. It was like a partition, a board made of timber, with light blue movable numbers. As each person would bring their dough to the table, our Lord would move a number starting with the number ‘1’, across from the right side to the left side of the board. When the number ‘22’ was reached, our Lord stopped and said, “No more! I only choose the twenty-two nations, that I have joined to My dough.”


I said, “Lord, but there are more that are waiting to come. Can’t You allow more to come and put their dough on the table?”


Our Lord said, “No, no more! Only twenty-two nations.”


I felt sad in my heart. I was hoping that our Lord would choose more.


The bread represents the Eucharistic Word of God. It represents Life.