1 November 2023

All Saints Day

Today, during the solemn Mass celebrated by the Bishop, our Lord Jesus appeared above the Altar with a multitude of saints.

He said, “See today, all the saints in Heaven praise Me and love Me, for being together with Me and praising Me and loving Me. They all pray for you here on earth. You are all united as one congregation: Heaven, Purgatory and Earth.”

“As for you, My child, most souls you suffered for went to Heaven, but not all of them. I thought I would let you know so your suffering was not in vain.”

“Be happy for the release of so many souls. Your suffering produces a lot of good fruit.”

A few days later, on Friday morning (3 November 2023), Blessed Mother said, “Valentina, my daughter, accept the suffering that my Son sends you. My Son needs your suffering.”