29 October 2023

God Speaks to His Children

This morning, while I was making my morning offering prayers, God the Father came.

He said, “I Am your Father. I come to talk to you and to console you for being so sad for your sister.”

“I know how much you love her and you miss her. But be happy for your sister; she is with Me in Heaven, and nothing can ever harm her, nor can evil touch her. Be at peace!”

“But what I come to tell you is put your sadness and everything aside and do all you can to help others.”

“I need you to do your work here on earth because they are My children too, and they are walking in the darkness and running like drunken and confused, not knowing which direction they are going. They don’t turn to Me, their true Father, so you have to lead them to Me. Tell them how much I care for them, and I love everyone.”

“Now, they are all godless, and they follow the devil. But the devil only leads them to Hell and deceives them. Look at the world, how the Nations are very tense and afraid of what will happen next, the cruel war that is happening now, and everyone is worried how it will end.”

“Tell My children and the leaders of the Nations, if they would only turn to Me, all that would be resolved. But their pride and ignorance doesn’t allow them to turn to Me, their Creator.”

“Speak, My daughter, the True Word that I, your Father, teaches you. See how we are united together. I share My sorrow with you because I love you. Tell My children how much I love them too. Pray very much for the world because there are always dangers ahead of all of you. Pray, pray very much for all the world.”

Thank You, my loving Father. We love You, too. Have Mercy on us, too.