10 January 2021

The Nations Prepare Dough


This morning while I was praying my morning prayers, the angel appeared, and said, “I am the angel of the Lord, and the Lord wants to see you in His Holy Presence. Come with me to see something that our Lord wants to reveal to you and for you to witness.”


Suddenly we found ourselves in the Holy Presence of the Lord. I was standing near our Lord Jesus when I saw groups of people from many different nations. They were standing quite a few metres from us.


Lord Jesus was talking to them. He said, “I want each of you to make a dough the way you would make it in your own tradition. When you make the dough bring a piece of it and place it on this table.”


I could hear people talking in many languages, such as Russian, Slovenian, Croatian and Italian.”


Then I saw a Russian lady approach our Lord and speak to Him in English with a very heavy accent. She said, “Lord, we make our dough differently. We combine yeast, milk and water and other ingredients to make it nice and good.”


Our Lord smiled and said, “That’s all right. That’s good, just make it the way you were taught in your tradition, and I will accept it. And then when you make it, bring it to the table and unite it to the one that I Myself have placed on this table.”


Each nation had to bring a piece of their freshly made dough and join it to our Lord’s, which was the largest and in the centre of the table. I watched as they made their doughs, and one by one, they would bring it to the table and join it to our Lord’s.


At the same time, I watched as our Lord, on an adjacent wall was moving some numbers. It was like a partition, a board made of timber, with light blue movable numbers. As each person would bring their dough to the table, our Lord would move a number starting with the number ‘1’, across from the right side to the left side of the board. When the number ‘22’ was reached, our Lord stopped and said, “No more! I only choose the twenty-two nations, that I have joined to My dough.”


I said, “Lord, but there are more that are waiting to come. Can’t You allow more to come and put their dough on the table?”


Our Lord said, “No, no more! Only twenty-two nations.”


I felt sad in my heart. I was hoping that our Lord would choose more.


The bread represents the Eucharistic Word of God. It represents Life.