10 January 2021

Unite your Spirit with our Lord’s Spirit


Early this morning, while I was praying, the angel came and said, “Come with me. There are many souls waiting to see you.”


Suddenly, we found ourselves in a large open space, like a countryside, where nothing was green, there was no life, it was all bare ground, but it was not a bad place. There were thousands and thousands of people waiting there.


I found myself standing in the middle of all these souls. There were men and women and even teenagers dressed in conventional clothes and wearing many different colours.


Standing there, I raised my arms and started swirling around, saying, “Freedom! Freedom! No Coronavirus here.”


The angel smiled and said to me, “You are not so free yourself. You will never be free because look at how many people are around you and are waiting for you to help them.”


I then looked around and asked, “They are all waiting for me? Why are they waiting for me?”


The angel answered, “You have to help these people. They are waiting for you. You will never be free for as long as you are living on earth.”


For a short moment, I felt so peaceful and so free of every attachment. I felt released from the stress of listening to the constant news about the Coronavirus. The world is now placing so much negativity in us; so much fear causing depression and anxiety.


By closing your eyes, you can ask our Lord, to experience the peace and joy that only comes from Him. Unite your spirit with our Lord’s Spirit and try to do this many times throughout the day. Having this meditation with our Lord, He will help you, and He will restore peace in your soul.


The freedom that I was feeling, I cannot explain to you how beautiful it was. I felt a complete release from all the negativity of the world.


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving us Your peace and joy.