10 October 2021

China is Preparing For War

This morning while I was praying, about six-thirty, Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy came and said, “Praise be Jesus, My daughter. May He be praised now and forever.”

“Love my Son Valentina and tell Him that you love Him, and in that way, you will console Him as the world really rejects Him. The world offends my Son so much.”

Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy then said, “I come to bring you sad news. China is preparing for war. Soon, it will happen. It is not far away but at the door,” she said

“They hate their neighbouring countries, but mostly the western world; these countries are Australia, America and England. These countries have decided to build submarines to defend themselves, but that will take long years to do.”

“But what China is preparing, this is very close.”

She said, “The Governments know something about this, but they keep it a secret from the people.”

“When this war happens, there will be a lot of blood spilt and death and destruction. But tell people not to give up hope. After this horrible war, my Immaculate Heart will triumph, and God will send on earth a period of peace for humanity,”

“People are worried about the Coronavirus, but that is nothing compared to this war. After this war, people will change dramatically. They will become more humble, more appreciative in life, and life will be more simple.”

“Now, the world is very sinful and very spoilt. All this will change. This is our warning.”

“Pray and ask God for His mercy, and if people respond and change and repent of their sins, this can all still be stopped,” She said.

While Blessed Mother was telling me about this coming war, I could see in a vision many helicopters flying very low in the air. You could almost touch them; that is how low they were. The sky was so full of them that they looked like grasshoppers. I presume they were army helicopters. Their exterior was a mixture of light to dark shades of brown, with an extra-long tail, unlike regular helicopters we see flying now. They looked like robots, quite horrible looking.

People should humble themselves and start praying and ask for God’s mercy. Blessed Mother also gives us hope. If all the people pray for this, then the war can be stopped.

Lord have mercy on us and on the whole world.