10 October 2021

Asking Our Lord Jesus If I Can Pray for Australia

In a previous message, on 19 September 2021, our Lord said to me to not ask Him for Australia anymore. The next day, I said to Him, “Lord, now that I am praying the Rosary, I don’t know if I should put in a petition to You for Australia. Automatically I prefer to pray for Australia because I live here, but now I am scared to ask You.”

Our Lord appeared. Smiling, He said, “Valentina, you know My Anger is great, but so is My Mercy. At that moment I was really upset, but I forget. With the few people that pray to Me, I Am a Merciful God, I don’t hold anger, I forgive, but always I hope people will turn back to Me.”

Our Lord explained, “People ran to accept the injection without much persuading from the Government, but to turn and run to Me, they did not even want to think of Me. Wouldn’t you be sad? I created all the countries and governments. Why do people turn away from Me? Can you tell Me?”

I nearly said, ‘Because they are stupid,’ but I didn’t say it out loud, but our Lord looked at me and smiled, as He knew what I was thinking.