10 October 2023

People are Waiting for the Sign

This morning, while I was praying, Blessed Mother came. I asked her, “Blessed Mother, people are waiting for the sign that God will send to the world in October.”

Our Blessed Mother said, “Tell people right now, the biggest sign is on the top of the world—what is happening between Israel and Gaza, the war that is very dangerous, and it can escalate into a very serious war and kill many innocent people.”

“I am right there to console my children, and I am pleading for them to my Son Jesus, for Him to console them and to have mercy on them.”

Blessed Mother then, holding in both her hands, was showing me pages to read, saying, “Tell people to read the prophecy in the Book of Daniel, and in there will be an explanation of what is happening now.”

“Tell people to take this message seriously, to pray and to repent.”

Comment: When our Blessed Mother says, ‘on the top of the world’, she is referring to the fact that what is happening in Israel and Gaza is the most significant event in the world right now.