12 October 2023

The Nations Must Wake Up From Their Stubbornness, Blindness and Pride

During my morning prayers, our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “I came down from Heaven to save you all—I was born and raised in Jerusalem among My people. When I came to the world as a little, very fragile Baby, I needed protection and love from My Holy Mother and St. Joseph. They took care of Me, and they love Me. My Life was always in danger. I grew up in the Holy Land to teach people of My Kingdom. Some people accepted Me, others rejected Me.”

Then our Lord, referring to the war in the Middle East, said, “And that is how this war started, and it reminds Me of King Herod, who killed all the innocent children. He acted so brutally with no feeling and no mercy. He wanted to kill Me too, but My Father in Heaven would not permit it.”

“So this, what is happening right now in Israel and Gaza, history repeats, and that is what offends Me and pains My Sacred Heart so much. Today is the same. I Am not accepted even in My Holy Land by all the peoplethey still reject Me, after two thousand years, as their Lord and God, Jesus Christ.”

“That is why there are so many problems among these nations, and it will continue until they finally wake up from their stubbornness and blindness and pride and realise that I Am the One, the only One and no one else, and they will feel how much they pain Me.”

Lord, we pray that all people will accept You and Love You one day and ask You for Your Mercy.