13 October 2023

Blessed Mother Asks to Use Our Rosary Prayers for the Middle East

About five o’clock this morning, Blessed Mother came. She said, “Remember that the sign given to the world is for the Middle East.”

Today, after the Holy Mass, we gathered in the Chapel for the Cenacle Rosary prayers. Blessed Mother appeared, looking very sad. She said, “My children, do you permit me to use this Rosary for the Middle East? For right now, me and Holy Michael, we are battling between good and evil. There is so much evil.”

Today, the Holy Rosary prayers were offered for our Blessed Mother’s intentions.

Comment: People, we need to be realistic. We are living in times which are very difficult, and a lot of things are unfolding. We should not worry so much for our own needs, but we should be praying for all the people that are suffering in this conflict.

Blessed Mother, pray for us and protect us from all evil.