10th September

I had a vision of our Lord Jesus sitting on a throne as a king. He looked worried and very sad. His face leaned on His right hand as He said, “Look at your crucified King, your resurrected King. King of Kings in a victor and glory forever. Your King not recognised by the world but hated and denied.”

The He took a calendar in His Holy hands and the year 1995 was written in large numbers. Our Lord said, “Look, after 1995 it will get worse and worse in the world and you know what is coming. I spoke to you previously and will not repeat it again. I have already told you in other messages. Look, Valentina there is big hope after the catastrophic purification, a new world that I preparing for my people.” Our Lord became more cheerful after He spoke these words. Then He criss-crossed the world and said, “Look, from the four corners of the world I will reunite the world to My Holy Cross. The world will become united in one religion, one Lord, your King that all nations will praise and glorify forever. Valentina My child, everyone will recognise Me, Hindus, Moslems, etc, that I am the one, Your King of Kings of everlasting glory.”

Let us prepare the road for our Lord and King who is coming and be joyous about His coming. In this vision our Lord was wearing the most unusual robes in three colours, red, white, purple and trimmed with gold. He was seated on a throne as a King. In the vision that I had of the illuminated cross that appeared in front of Our Lord Jesus, I was how He reunited the world, coming form four corners into a Holy Cross. All nations will be united into one with one religion, one belief. Hatred and sin will be defeated finally, there will be such a joy, peace and love among people that we have never experienced before.

Our Lord told me, “There will be such happiness, heaven and earth will be united.” That is a feeling that our Lord has given me, so we must always have hope and trust in Him.