13th September

Message 1:

Just before the Consecration, Our Lord appeared and He urged me to offer all to Him. And said, “My child,” He said, “Raise your heart to Me, elevate all to Me, the sick, the poor, the dying, the needy, the sinners, the souls who are most in need of my mercy, give Me the lot. I will pour My grace and mercy upon them all.” Our Lord then said, “that just before the Consecration, we should offer all our petitions up to Him. It is very important that everyone should know this because many graces are received by offering all to Him. Then Our Lord showed me the forgotten Souls in Purgatory. He said these are the Souls that have no one to pray for them. They are forgotten souls.”

Jesus then showed me a park full of white crosses. I understood that these were the soldiers who died during the war. Our Lord pointed with His holy Hand and said, “These are forgotten Souls and nobody offers anything for them. Please offer all your sacrifices and prayers and tell others to do the same.” I answered, “Thank you Lord Jesus, have mercy on us, have mercy on the Holy Souls.”

Message 2:

I was kneeling down and praying before receiving Holy Communion when suddenly Our Lord appeared in front of me. He spoke to me saying, “My child leave all your worries and all your problems behind you. Come step into My Presence, at least for a moment.” I cannot describe the happiness and joy that I experienced at that moment being in His Presence.

Our Lord continued, “Valentina I wish that today you receive Me in the Holy Eucharist and offer to Me for all those who are present here and are not worthy to receive Me. Pray to My Divine Mercy for all, so that I may be merciful, because I am gravely offended.” Our Lord explained that we must go to Confession and be in the state of grace before we receive Him. I answered, “Have mercy on us all, O Lord.”