12 April 2017

Chrism Mass

St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta


In the church I was thanking our Lord for the grace He gave me to attend the Chrism Mass, which was celebrated by Bishop Vincent, Bishop Manning and many beautiful Priests.

I said to the Lord, “You must be very happy. I offer them all to You.”

The next morning the Angel of the Lord appeared to me and said, “Come with me, I will show you the beautiful fruits produced at the Chrism Mass.”

He then showed me, in front of the Altar many apples, piled like a pyramid at least a metre high. They were shiny, like gold and they were glowing. He said, “See these apples, they are first class, they are delicious and very sweet. They are the new season fruit.”

I was looking at this fruit and exclaimed, “Oh, they are so big and so fresh!”

The angel then said, “This celebration of the High Mass was connected to Heaven and united with the whole congregation. Our Lord was overjoyed that you were all united with the Bishops and Priests in such unity, but also the faithful who participated in this celebration. The Holy Spirit was manifested throughout the Church. Everyone was so happy and joyful and all received a very special grace and benefitted from the fruit that was produced from the Chrism Mass.”

The Angel then asked, “Would you like to know from where these apples have come?”

I listened and he said, “Slovenia!”

I exclaimed, “They come from very far away!”

He smiled and said, “You are the one who offered the Bishops, Priests and faithful present here. You asked the Lord with such sincerity of your heart that He was overwhelmed.”

I said, “Why would the Lord listen to little me, nothing?”

The Angel answered, “The Lord never refuses offerings or prayers which are sent to Him from humble and sincere hearts.”

The first thing that was on my mind was Father Darko. He is Slovenian and he was also present and participated in all this celebration.

The Angel said, “You, yourself should be grateful. Tell all the good news that I tell you. They should all he very happy because this doesn’t happen very often. Our Lord Jesus gives many graces to Parramatta Church. Be grateful and thankful always.”

Thank you Lord Jesus for many graces we receive in Parramatta Church.