20 April 2017

Lord Jesus appeared and said, “Peace be with you My child. Pray for peace which is so fragile in this time in which you all live. You don’t know from day to day what can happen between North Korea, South Korea, China and America. These are the nations that are very dangerous, planning to start a war. The nuclear, the most poisonous weapons to kill. How sad it makes Me to watch the world sinking deeper and deeper into sin, hate and destruction. When I think how I suffered for all humanity to redeem you so you can live in harmony and peace. To love one another, to be charitable and compassionate to one another. Instead, you grow cold hearted like stone, with hatred and rebellion.”

“I, your Lord and God call this generation ‘with no hope‘. Tell them to come back to the House of the Lord before they all die of wretchedness and hunger. Only in Me will they find safe refuge and salvation of life.”

“I am the Resurrection, the Life and the Truth. In Me there is no darkness, but everlasting Light.”

Our Lord was so sad to give me this message. I cried to see Him so upset for the world .

Have mercy, my Lord.