12 April 2023

Jesus’ Law Remains Forever

Today, I attended Holy Mass, and as I always do, I started to place my petitions before the start of the Mass, when suddenly our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary came.

Blessed Mother said, “We want you to be in the church today because we have things to reveal to you about this church.”

Our Lord Jesus said, “As you put in your petition, place this church at the foot of My Holy Altar, for this church is being crucified very much.”

Then Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, our daughter, it is meant for you to be here to attend the Holy Mass.”

Blessed Mother said, “My Son and I are very sad for this church, for it is very much wounded and is right down to the ground. It needs a lot of prayers to lift her up again. Ask the children of the Cenacle Prayer Group to pray earnestly for this church because the evil has entered into this church.”

“My Son Jesus is very sad. He asks why do they make changes because His Law remains forever?”

The Blessed Mother begs us to pray for this church.