13 April 2023

How God Sees People

While making my prayer offerings this morning, I started praying the Holy Rosary when the Angel suddenly appeared. He was smiling and looking very happy. I recognise the Angel as St Michael the Archangel.

He said, “Valentina, I am the Angel of the Lord. He has sent me to you. Come with me.”

Singing in a melodic and cheerful voice, he said, “We are going on a tour. Guess where we are going? We are going to London!

“To London?” I said. I started to worry, thinking, why are we going to London? I wonder what happened there.

St Michael said, “Since you are very connected to the Royal Family, we will visit them before the Coronation takes place.”

Suddenly, the Angel and I found ourselves in a Palace. We were right inside, in the grand dining room, admiring its beauty with its huge and long dining table decorated most beautifully for the guests who will be attending the very soon Coronation of Charles. All the cutlery was gold, with neatly folded napkins and fine crystal glasses but no plates.

The Angel said, “Many guests will attend the Coronation soon.”

Then St Michael took me to another room, which was also very beautiful. To my surprise, sitting in this room was Camilla. She was alone and seated on an elegant chair, wearing a lovely pale blue dress.

The Angel said, “Many people don’t like Camilla. They criticise her very much, but they are wrong. Actually, she is a very nice person, kind and good-hearted.”

“Now, I will show you how God sees her.”

“Watch,” he said.

I watched as a beautiful glowing light appeared in front of Camilla on her lap. The light then expanded and exploded into the most beautiful colours.

“Wow!” I exclaimed to the Angel, “That is magnificent. I have never seen anything like this.”

The Angel said, “That shows you, that is the goodness that is within her.”

The Angel explained, “People don’t like what happened in the past and how she came into the Royal Family, but it is all designed by God, and it had to happen. Everything is designed by God, and it is all for a very good reason. You cannot change the course for what is destined for everyone.”

At that moment, it touched my soul so deeply, and I was very happy for Camilla, and I will pray for the Royal Queen and King and may God bless them so they can fulfil their duties for which God has put them there.