22 April 2023

A Grave Warning to the World

During my morning prayers, the angel came to take me to Purgatory. He said, “Come! We will visit some souls in Purgatory to help them, and to console them.”

We came to a place in Purgatory where there were many souls, and they gathered around me and said to me, “Valentina, we heard that you receive messages from our Lord Jesus.”

I said, “Yes! Our Lord Jesus is a beautiful Teacher. He gives me many beautiful messages, and He tells me many more things, but I don’t write everything down.”

After we finished with these Holy Souls, the angel said, “Valentina, come, I have to tell you not very happy news and show you what will take place in reality soon.”

Suddenly, the angel and I found ourselves amid a multitude of people in a public place. There were thousands of people around us. I asked the angel, “Are these souls in Purgatory?”

The angel answered, “No, what I will show you is reality. These are living people; that is what I want to show you.”

Suddenly, from this crowd of people, a lady of Asian appearance approached and came to a microphone which stood on a platform. She started to talk angrily. She said, “Do you know I am very important? I am the one to announce the war to start soon, and I am in charge of this.”

I turned to the angel and asked, “Who is this cranky lady? Is she Penny Wong?”

He answered, “No, she is not Penny Wong. She is one of them.”

Then the angel said, “I know that this is not good news so far to tell the world. Do you know our Lord is holding back these terrible people, but that is why He sent me to tell you to tell people to change and to repent of their sins? He can no longer hold back if people do not take notice of all that is coming. Our Lord will then permit this to happen.”

Lord, please have mercy on the whole world.