26 April 2023

The House of the Holy Rosary of Blessed Mother

When I was praying my morning prayers, suddenly, the angel came and said, “Valentina, you have to come with me today. You have to meet our Blessed Mother.”

Suddenly we found ourselves in front of the premises of a most beautiful house that looked more like a church. It was of red brick, and the front door was open. St Joseph came to meet us. Smiling, he said, “Valentina, my beloved spouse Mary is waiting for you to come to her house, her Holy House of the Rosary. Not everyone is invited to her house, only six chosen people.”

Before I entered the house, at the door, St Joseph gave me a round bread that looked like a damper but very high. He said, “The Blessed Mother wants you to take it into your hands.”

I took the bread into my hands and was surprised at how light it was, like a feather. As I entered the house, seeing Blessed Mother inside, I thanked St Joseph and Blessed Mother. Also, inside, there were a few other people unknown to me.

Blessed Mother explained and taught us how important it is now to teach and to pray the Rosary, especially at this time that we live on earth.

Later I attended Holy Mass celebrated by Father Chris. During the Mass, our Lord Jesus suddenly appeared. He said, “Valentina, I come to explain to you why My Beloved Mother called you to herself, to her House of the Holy Rosary and why she gave you the bread.”

He said, “With that bread that you received, you have to feed the people and talk to them about the Messages (you receive from Heaven) and about prayers. The times are becoming very tense, and things are changing rapidly and quickly. Right now is a very dangerous time of a nuclear war coming. China and Russia, and other neighbouring countries are waiting to start the war. Your Government knows about all this, but does not want to tell people to panic them. You have to tell people to change and to repent of their sins.”

That is what our Lord wants from us now, to change and to repent of our sins, that is the most important.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.