12 December

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Patroness of all the Americas


This morning while I was praying, Blessed and Holy Mary appeared with Baby Jesus in her arms. He was very small.

Blessed Mary said, “I come to bring you my Son, as I know how much you love Him.”

Holding baby Jesus, She then gently and lovingly outstretched her arms towards me, and placed Baby Jesus in my arms, and once again said, “My Son can hardly wait for you to hold Him and nurse Him.”

Blessed Mary was so joyful. She was dressed in a red tunic and Baby Jesus was all in white. Her tunic was of a red shade because today was the Feast Day of our Lady of Guadalupe.

She said, “My child, do you realise that you hold the Creator in your arms? He who created the Universe and everyone and everything that exists.”

She asked, “Are you happy to hold Baby Jesus in your arms?”

“Blessed Mother, I am more than happy, He is so beautiful and I adore Him,” I said. In me there was such an awesome feeling, as if an electric current was passing through every cell in my body.

Blessed Mother Mary said, “Do you know that He created Himself?”

As Blessed Mother Mary was telling me all about Baby Jesus, and as I was gazing at Him and adoring Him, suddenly before my very eyes, His facial Features began to change and evolve, becoming even more beautiful.

Blessed Mother said, “How sad it is today for people of this generation. Most of them do not believe in God and the Creator anymore. It is so sad, they deny Him and they abuse Him. If they do not change, the world is on the brink of destruction.”

“My child encourage people to convert and repent. You all need to pray more for non-believers.”

While Blessed Mary our Mother was revealing to me all this sad news, Baby Jesus relaxed in my arms and fell asleep, so peacefully.

She said, “How happy and content He is in your arms.”

Blessed Mother then smiled at me and said, “Remember, when you meet people and they hug you, they are also hugging the Creator who is in your arms. He is always with you. Thank Him and love Him.”

I said, “Blessed Mother, I am not worthy of such a grace to hold Baby Jesus.”

With a very serious expression on her face and gently nodding her head, Blessed Mother said, “Yes you are!”

She repeated this several times.

For three consecutive days, our Blessed Mother was coming to me with little Baby Jesus, to talk to me. Each day she was dressed differently. She was preparing me for Christmas, for the Coming of our Saviour Jesus.

Thank you Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus for loving us so much.