2 December

First Friday

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta

Prayer Group in the Chapel


During the Rosary and prayers in the Chapel, Blessed Mother appeared to me and said, “My children, how happy you make me and my Son, when you gather together as a group. Today, I invite you all to gather around the cradle to adore my Son, as a fragile little Baby, who was just born for all of you, the Saviour and Redeemer.”

“Praise Him and adore Him, and love Him above all, for He is very sad because He is denied by this world. How much He loves you all. If you only knew you would cry tears of joy.”

“Console Him above everything. He needs you to tell Him that you love Him. Do not look at this world, with all its false promises that it offers you. Promises which do not last. Everything passes quickly, but God remains forever.”

“Be faithful to Jesus, He loves you so much, He chooses you all, my children. Be faithful and pray together here in this Church and everywhere.”

When our Lord appeared to me He dictated to me these words, “I come to tell you how much I love Jerusalem. I came from Heaven and I chose to come to Jerusalem, but you turned your back on Me.”

He then repeated twice, “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the Eternal City that God chose for Himself. People, thank God and praise Him for the Eternal City.”