12 November 2017

12 November 2017

I was suddenly awoken about three o’clock in the morning by a loud noise. I heard many voices crying and screaming.


I jumped out of bed and when I looked down I saw this big opening. In the middle of this hole was a huge fire and around the edge were many people, screaming and begging for help. There were both young and old people. I believe this was a place in the deepest Purgatory.


It was a most frightening scene. I was so scared. I immediately prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet for them and I sprinkled them with Holy Water to refresh them.


The next night I said to our Lord, “Lord, I hope you don’t show me again these frightening places. Be merciful to those souls and please give me a peaceful night so that I can rest a little bit.”


Our Lord would listen to me and would give me a little peace and relief but then the following night I would go through suffering again. I would again see souls and how they suffer in Purgatory. There is a never-ending stream of souls, millions of souls.


Many times I would ask the souls, “Why did you not pray while you were alive on earth?”


They do not answer. I feel pity for them when they look at me with such sadness on their faces. They cannot help themselves anymore. They depend totally on our prayers, sacrifices and charitable works that we offer to our Lord daily. All this helps the Holy Souls.