16 November 2017

16 November 2017


Today, I had plans to tend to my house chores and then to do some baking.


Suddenly, our Lord appeared to me and said, “Listen, My child, I know you have other plans but they can wait till later on. I urge you and I ask you, to go to Holy Mass today. I want you to offer Me everything that happened yesterday.”


Yesterday, the result of the survey to allow people of the same gender to marry each other in Australia, was announced with the majority of people voting yes. Sadly, there was much euphoria and celebration afterwards by those in favour of these results.


Jesus said, “What the government agreed to yesterday, to allow these people to bring in their own laws and have their own rights, is to disobey all My Commandments. This nation, along with the leaders of this country, who made the decision to bring in this indecency by disobeying My Commandments, are not worthy of My Blessing.”


“Any nation that accepts this abomination is not worthy of My Blessing.”


“Valentina, tell this nation that My Hand of Justice is very reluctant to punish them, but because of their disobedience I Am forced to correct them. Every nation that disobeys My Commandments and implements laws that go against My Laws, My Hand of Justice is forced to correct them.”


Jesus said, “As has happened many times in history when nations disobeyed My Commandments and offended Me terribly in their sins, these nations were corrected through My punishment of them.”


“This sin of the flesh between a man and a man and between a woman and a woman offends Me the most. I cannot tolerate this anymore.”


“Now the devil has confused humanity to such a level that people have lost all sense of sin. The same behaviour happened in Sodom and Gomorrah when God was forced to destroy these cities due to their sinful behaviour.”


“My child, that is why I urge you to go to Holy Mass and to offer Me all of this.”


I left all my chores and did what our Lord asked of me. I caught a bus and went to Parramatta to attend Holy Mass.


After I received Holy Communion, our Lord Jesus said, “Thank you My child for doing all this that I asked of you. It is the obedience that counts the most. Your obedience is very important and I thank you for it. By being obedient to Me you fulfilled My Will.”


I smiled at Jesus and said, “Lord, I should thank You. I am only Your little servant.”


Lord Jesus, have mercy on us all.