13 July 2017

While I was praying, our Lord Jesus came to me in a vision. He said, “I will give you a full glance of what is taking place in the church today, and how the church will be different in the future. It is pride in people that ruins all. When pride is in everyone, this is when the devil is in the church. This is when I withdraw Myself away. I suffer to see My children so disobedient and so proud.”


I asked our Lord, “What can I do for all of this?”


Our Lord answered, “My Child, they should look upon you. Instead they crucify you and ridicule you.”


As He was gently touching His Sacred Heart, He said, “How sad it makes Me and My beloved Mother to see all of this. People live so much for this world. They think very little about the next life, and they think very little about pleasing Me. All their work and all their achievements, they make in their lives, they are to satisfy their own vanity. It is so important for them to achieve their own goals.

There is nothing for Me.”


Our Lord said, “Please console Me. Speak to the priests about all of this and maybe My Word will be heard. There needs to be much prayer to purify and to cleanse people of so many sins, which are in every church. When they come into my churches and stand in my Holy Presence, dressed in the fashions that people wear today, they offend Me gravely. There is so much sin everywhere. I cannot tolerate it, and I cannot watch everything that is in front of Me. Be courageous, because in the very near future, things will change for the better.”


As our Lord was speaking to me, He showed me a glimpse of the future, for the church to come. I was shown an Altar surrounded by many priests. I could count at least twenty priests, all dressed in white vestments. They were all serving our Lord with great reverence, humility and love. Our Lord was very joyful and smiling as He was watching them.


Our Lord said, “I will raise up many more priests. My children, pray so that all of this will happen very soon.”


While watching this vision, I could feel in my heart, how beautiful it will be in the future. It will be joyful to come church, because the priests will truly praise and serve our Lord Jesus, from their hearts. They will be very devoted.


My Lord Jesus, please have mercy on all of us.