13th October 2012

Blessed Mother spoke, “I try to come to you as soon as I can.”

I answered,” you must be very busy.”

Mary said, “Today I want to explain to you about My Motherhood. From the very beginning I was chosen to be the Mother of Jesus and then all of humanity. From way back when God the Father, in His plan for the beginning of creation, He had a plan for Me.

“I was the foundation of the strong roots.”

“I am the Mother of My loving Son.”

“I am the Mother of all children on earth.”

“I am the Mother of all Heavenly beings.”

“but now I will show you that I am the Mother of all embryos. They are still in invisible form floating between Heaven and earth, waiting to be conceived. They are visible, my daughter, to Me alone. My love for them is immense and they are covered by My heavenly mantle and I protect them.”

I asked, “Blessed Mother, show me this beautiful vision how embryos are floating between Heaven and earth, like tiny little fish.”

She extended Her arms to protect them and embrace them.

Holy Mary was so happy, She embraced me and said, “I am your loving Mother too and to all My children, even those who do not love Me and reject Me. I cry for those who abort them.”