10th September, 2012

Today Lord Jesus came to me as a baby.

He spoke, “My daughter, I will show you how people of this world push me away and reject me. They don’t want me in their lives.”

“When a person comes to Me, I welcome him with My tender love. I follow him wherever he goes. I make sure he is doing well and prospering in his work. He is happy and I am happy. He experiences some sad moments too. I console him because I love him so much. I even make myself very small and light when he carries me around. I don’t bother him at all. I watch over him. Somebody comes along and tells him, you don’t believe in God, do you? We live in a modern world, we are doing well without God.”

“He grabbed me and threw me away.”

Lord Jesus showed me in a vision how this person believes in Him for a while then rejects Him and throws Him away. Baby Jesus said, “as if on an escalator high up, grabs me and throws me to the bottom.”

Baby Jesus was crying inconsolably, “then someone else passing by, picks Me up and then also throws me away.”

He said, “My sorrow goes on and on, being rejected. This world id barren and dry like a dessert.”

He was very, very sad.