17th September, 2012

At home, this morning, God the Father visited me.

“My daughter, I come to tell you how much I love you all, My children.”

“I also want to encourage you to have strong belief in Me, your creator. I know in the world is a lot of evil and very bad behaviour. I also want to tell you there is a lot of good going on to.”

Right now, I pour a lot of graces upon you, My children. I have never been so close to you as now. You live in a most extraordinary time. You should call yourselves privileged and special. All Heaven is united and praying for you, My children on earth. Be happy and grateful for these graces given to you at this time.”

“My daughter, tell My children, how much, I the father, love them. Tell everyone to come to Me, I am all goodness and a loving father. Tell them not be afraid. I want to embrace you and hold you in My arms like a little child. Each one of you.”

“My daughter, I come to you with such love because I know you love Me in a very special way and I bring with Me empty paper, so you can write this message of love and graces for all My children.”

Spread it everywhere so they will read and believe how much, I, the Father and Creator of all, love you.”

I knelt next the Father and thanked Him and embraced Him and told Him how much I love Him. At that moment He told me, “I wish you to make a picture of my image, because many of My children don’t know how I look.” He was very happy.

In a description, God the father was sitting on a carved timber chair with arms either side. His dress was white with wide sleeves. From His left shoulder was a drape, deep red in colour, across His breast and flowing down to His feet. From beneath the drape, following the line of the drape were blue, yellow and soft green flowed down onto His lap and then all were wrapped around His legs. His slippers were a golden bronze. His hair was waved, the colour of golden blonde. His face, smooth skin, fair in complexion and His eyes deep blue. In His right hand, He held the papers and the left hand rested on His lap. Spiritually He gave me a picture of Himself.