16th September, 2012

Today, our lord Jesus came to me at home.

He said, “My child, My heart grieves to see all these riots all over the world. Killing, hate, no love among people and the raising of Muslim fanatics. They are led by the satanic forces and it will only get worse.

“To protect yourselves, you will need lots of prayers. Stay united to me and My beloved Mother Mary, to be safe and protected.”

“Don’t lose hope and fear not. I shall put the enemy under My feet. Have faith, I promise that soon I will make all things new and the world will not be as it is today. I shall destroy all evil and put them away for one thousand years, and My people shall live in tranquillity for one thousand years in peace and harmony and love which I shall create for My chosen remnant. They will reign with Me, Your Lord and King, Jesus Christ.”

“Tell people to praise Me and love Me for what is to come soon.”

In this vision, I saw people gathering into groups. A light coming from above enfolded them. Above them, was a block of grey stone. On the stone was written in large black letters ‘one thousand years of peace’.

Simultaneously, the enemy will be put away for one thousand years. I was very happy to see the people of this world will finally live in the beautiful era of peace. No more hate, only goodness, love and kindness will flow down from Heaven.

We praise You, Lord Jesus our King, for this which You do and we love You.