16th September, 2012

Sunday, St. Margaret Mary’s Church.

During mass Blessed Mother Mary came to me.

She said, “My daughter, I know I spoke to you many times about attending Mass in immodest dress. Tell My children, We love them very much. We don’t want to offend them but tell them it offends My Son Jesus terribly to see them improperly dressed. He sees everything. Tell them that one day they will have to give an account for all this. Following fashion is not pleasing God.”

“I, your Mother, desire that you all wear feminine attire. Trousers are for men, not women. They should wear dresses with the hem below the knees and the bodice covering the chest and the back, the sleeves at least below the elbow. These fashions women follow deceives many men. They watch you and commit sin.”

“My children, teach your children to ear proper dress, not the tiny cut away shorts.”

“Men I desire also to wear trousers and a shirt with sleeves, not singlet’s.

“You come into the presence of the living God during Mass. We are all united into one congregation. Heavenly beings, souls in purgatory and the people on earth.”

“My children, remember you are all sinners and you should beg God for mercy. Humble yourselves. Pride comes from the devil.”

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us, sinners.