14 January 2022

The Spinning Sword

When I was praying, two angels came and visited me. They said, “Our Lord Jesus has sent us to reveal to you things that you do not yet know.”

One of the angels held a very long sword in his right hand. It was gleaming silver with a darker handle, very sharp with a pointy edge. The angels said, “We come to tell you that our Lord will soon come to judge the world. Would you like to see why we brought the sword?”

“Now we are going to show you. Watch!” they said.

Suddenly, the angel holding the long sword raised it, and as he did so, he started spinning it, very, very fast. He then threw it high in the air with all his power, with such might. The sword was spinning so fast, spinning around the world, that I was so afraid even to watch it. I have never seen anything like it, and it did this for quite a long time and then suddenly it stopped and plunged into the ground of an area of a particular country unknown to me.

The sword was then pushed out of the ground by an invisible force and rested against a rock with the sharp end pointed upwards. Looking closely, I could see quite a lot of blood on the end of the blade. The two angels then said to me, “This will happen soon because our Lord Jesus can no longer watch so sinful a world. He is much too much offended. His Sacred Heart is constantly wounded by so many ungrateful people.”

In my spirit, I understood there would be bloodshed in that part of the world where the sword plunged into the ground.

“Valentina, tell people to repent because all the prophecies are now coming to fulfilment. Repent and come back to God, for God is your only salvation,” they said.

Lord have mercy on us.