9 January 2022

Light a Candle for a Forgotten Soul

After Holy Mass today, I went into the Chapel to say a prayer and to light some candles. When I came to the statue of Blessed Mother Mary, Help of Christians, I picked up two candles from the storage box and proceeded to light them. As I did so, a third candle rolled out of the box, falling onto the floor and rolling under the candle stand. I thought I would leave it there and someone would pick it up later.

Immediately, Blessed Mother said, “Do not be afraid, my daughter, pick up the candle and light it. That will be for a forgotten soul that nobody even thinks of anymore. So, when you light the candle, a light will come to him as now he is in total darkness. That will bring him hope. Place him in your prayers.”

“Many people who die suddenly, whether on the roads, in accidents and in hospitals, die without the sacraments. They too are in darkness, and they wait for someone to show them charity and to help them.”

I said, “Blessed Mother, now that you have told me, I now know, I will pray even harder for the holy souls for whom nobody prays.”

I felt deeply touched and emotional when Blessed Mother revealed this to me.

In my spirit, I could see the soul for whom our Lady asked for the candle to be lit. It was for a man, who I could see him sitting in complete darkness huddled in the corner of this very small quarter, looking very sad.

As I lit the candle for him, I could see how the flame from this candle suddenly descended to where this man was sitting and became huge, lighting up his whole quarter. When the man saw the flame of light, his facial expression immediately changed to one of happiness.

As the light reflected on this quarter, I could see even more souls in the darkness around him. They were all younger men in their thirties and forties. Who knows how long they have been there?

May they all rest in peace.

Blessed Mother showed me that when we light a candle, the light from the candle reaches all the way to Heaven. Even when we are praying at home, it is good to light a candle because around us is darkness, the darkness of this world, and the light shines all the way to Heaven. God is light. He wants us to remain in a state of grace in the light and not in the darkness.

When we are praying and light a candle, all our prayers, even our Rosary prayers, go into this light. This light goes direct to Heaven to our Lord because He is the Light, the Light of the Soul and the Light of the World.

Thank you, Blessed Mother, for this beautiful teaching and that you care so much for all your children on earth and for all the forgotten souls in Purgatory.

Then our Lord said, “My Mother is very concerned for the world, especially now during this pandemic state that the world is in. Pray and console My Mother and pray for the world to repent.”