14 July 2021

Little Boy Jesus Showing all the Dirt in the World

It was about ten o’clock in the evening when the Little Boy Jesus appeared. Angels surrounded Him. He looked so beautiful. He held a scroll, quite large, that looked like it was made of an unusual bronze-like paper.

I watched how our Lord was showing the angels all the dirt here in Australia and the world. He was showing them how dark brown and black and ugly it is.  He said to them, “Nothing changes in the world. People just don’t want to change! I don’t know what to do with this humanity! Nobody turns to Me!”

He unrolled the scroll and held it with both His Holy Hands, and said, “Look at it! It is all written. I can help them, I can heal them, but they don’t want Me. I just don’t know what to do with them. They want to live in the dirt. How long will it take for humanity to wake up and turn to Me? They find every excuse, even using injections, except turning to Me! I don’t know what to do!”

Exasperated, our Lord just rolled up the scroll and said, “I have no choice. I will just leave it the way it is. Let them stay the way they are, in the dirt.”

There are not enough people praying, for this situation in the world to change. People completely ignore God, they don’t mention Him, they don’t want Him, and they do everything without Him.