14 July 2021

Offer Me all the Televisions

This morning while I was praying, the angel came and said to me, “On earth, they want you to sign a paper, so our Lord wants to explain things to you. He wants you to come with me.”

I asked, “What kind of paper?” I thought maybe it is something to do with the vaccine injections.

Suddenly, I was taken by the angel to a long building, somewhere on earth. We found ourselves in a long corridor of the building. I saw some people walking here and there, and others waiting in a queue. I watched as they were called individually by name and taken into separate rooms just off the corridor, each person carrying a piece of paper with them as they entered the rooms.

A lady approached me and said, “You wait here, and you will get a paper, and you will have to sign too.”

I waited and waited, and nothing happened. Then all of a sudden, our Lord Jesus appeared to my right, casually dressedI noticed He brought two rolls of mud.

I said to Him, “Lord, I am still waiting for the lady to bring me the piece of paper to sign.”

He said, “Don’t worry about that. Forget about it. You will never get the paper; you don’t have to sign anything. You’re with Me.”

I could see an old glass window, and above it was some greenery.

Our Lord proceeded to show me how the world is rolling in mud. He put the balls of mud next to each other and then covered them up with fresh green leaves. He then uncovered them and let me see them again. They were sitting on very dark brown soil.

Our Lord lifted up and put the two big, dirty, brown balls of mud and joined them together. The mud was now in a ball and was rolling in even more mud; The more the ball was rolled, the more layers of mud would stick to it. The round ball of dirty mud is the world.

Our Lord then put the dirty muddy ball right next to me. I was looking at it and wasn’t very pleased and said, “I don’t want it.”

Our Lord then came really close to me and said, “See, that is what is in the world today. I just want to show you how it is in Australia and the rest of the world now; mud, rolling in dirty mud and more mud.”

“You pray to Me and beg Me, and people pray to Me, but only a very few do so.”

“But isn’t it enough, Lord?” I asked.

“No, it is always the same people who are faithful,” He said, “But other people don’t wake up, nor do the governments wake up.”

I then looked through a window and was elated to see beautiful miniature blue flowers growing upon a wall. I said, “Oh, look at those beautiful blue flowers! At least something is uplifting”. The flowers looked like tiny blue stars.

However, as I looked more closely, I noticed that the beautiful flowers appeared sad.

Our Lord explained to me, “They are the flowers of My Mother, and they are very upset because She is upset.”

Our Lord said that she could not come because she was too upset. So, she didn’t want to come. In my spirit, I could see Blessed Mother in the Garden of Heaven, looking very sad because humanity doesn’t want to change.

“She is sad because She has tried so hard to bring people to Me, but they do not want to listen,” He said.

Then the angel and I walked together in the garden with our Lord. I was also feeling sad because Blessed Mother was sad.

Our Lord said, “Do not worry about it. If worse will come to the world, then people must wake up and do something about it. The needles and all that they are doing won’t help; the virus keeps circling and returning.”

Our Lord then said to me that He would bring me home. Usually, I have to find my own way home after being taken somewhere, but today our Lord brought me back.

He said, “What I would like to ask you now is about the televisions.”

I said, “Televisions? What televisions? What do you mean?”

“Offer Me all the televisions.” He said.

In a vision, I could see many televisions, all with black images.

I said, “Lord, I commend all the televisions to You.”

He said, “Don’t forget, when you go to people, talk to them about what I tell you. Especially when you visit friends and other people, you have to tell them all of this,”

I said, “Lord, I can’t go to people; we are not allowed to visit. I don’t go to anyone now, and we can’t go out of the house; we can’t do anything.”

He said, “Don’t worry, I’m with you always, they can’t do anything, and you won’t be affected. I know they are going to threaten you very badly. The world is very bad now, but what is the worst now is the media and the governments. They suppress you.”

I said, “Lord, I offer you every channel, all the reporters, all the governments.”

Lord have mercy on us and on the whole world.