14 March 2021

Misbehaving in Church during Holy Mass

During the night, I went through a lot of suffering. The angel came and took me to visit some souls. These souls were waiting in front of churches here on earth. I saw a large gathering of women, so many of them and some men were amongst them. Some of them were in wheelchairs, but they all had bandages. Some had their hands bandaged, others their heads or their legs. They all looked like they were crippled.

I asked the angel, “What did they do to themselves?”

The angel answered, “They did many evil things with either their hands or feet or head while they were alive, so now they must suffer a lot. What I show you here, offer to our Lord and ask Him to be merciful to them. They have been suffering for a long time.”

Whatever sin they committed on earth, that part of the body is now in bandages, and they have to suffer.

In a different area, we came across another group of souls. Some of them laughing and jumping around, doing silly things, as if performing in a comedy act, but no one was taking notice of them. All these souls looked very sickly. As part of their suffering, for their terrible and sinful behaviour while they were alive, they must repeat these actions and performances over and over again. It is their penance.

The angel explained, “See, that was their behaviour during holy mass in the church. They were misbehaving, not paying attention during holy mass. Now they cannot keep still; they have to keep moving like clowns.”

Whatever irreverent behaviour they were displaying while they were in church, they now have to repeat over and over.

All these souls were begging me to help them. Today I offered them all to our Lord at Holy Mass. Lord have mercy on their souls.