18 March 2021

The Passion of Christ

This morning while I was suffering severe pain in my body, our Lord Jesus appeared.

He said, “I remind you of My Passion. See how much I suffer!”

He then showed me His Passion. It was so real, and at the same time, my pain was so intense that I couldn’t take it anymore. I was thinking, ‘Oh my goodness me! Maybe it’s a nail in my foot?’ That’s how it felt.

I watched how our Lord was suffering. He was in so much agony. Oh, dear, it was so terrible to see. So much blood was pouring from His Holy Wounds. I was so sad watching our Lord suffer so much that it left a deep impression upon me.

Our Lord said, “Don’t be upset! I thought you would like to join your suffering with My suffering. Do you see how I suffer?”

I said, “Oh Lord, this is horrible. I didn’t want that You suffer so much,”

“But I did suffer, and I Am still suffering today. People do not want to repent, and they offend Me so much,” He said.

I saw how they nailed our Lord’s Hands and Feet to the Cross, and as they did so, the bleeding was a little less. Then when they lifted Him up on the Cross, the blood was still oozing down. Oh, how painful it was. Oh, My God, I cried, and I cried. I didn’t know how He could take such pain, and I didn’t know which pain was worse for Him.

I said, “Oh, I’m exaggerating with my pain.”

But our Lord was there, and He had to go through it. Him being innocent and being God, and what they had done to Him. Oh, my Lord, how terrible is His pain. Our Lord is looking for consolation from us.

As soon as they took Jesus down from the Cross, they removed the Crown of Thorns. I could see it sitting on the ground.

Next to our Lord, lying on a white napkin, I could see the three nails just removed from His Holy Feet and Hands. The nails were so long, different from today’s nails, very thick and rough, and spiked towards the bottom and much broader at the top, which was square. They didn’t have the skill to make nails like they have today. They used to do it all by hand.

The wounds on His legs and His feet were quite large. They were extremely wide-open wounds. I was shocked as I watched so much blood gushing out of them. Where was it all coming from? It was like a vast pool of blood around His Feet.

By His wounds, we are healed. Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.

Then suddenly, our Lord showed me a lot of souls. Oh, how many there are in Purgatory! Then the vision changed again. Blessed Mother was with our Lord Jesus, and we were somewhere together; our Lord Jesus, Blessed Mother and me.

We were in what looked like a simple house. I don’t know if it was Purgatory.

Blessed Mother was holding a lot of folded clothes in her arms, and she was handing them to me.

“These clothes are all cleaned and ironed. You can put them away with all the other clean clothes,” she said. I did as she instructed and placed them on a bench next to the other cleaned clothes. Our Blessed Mother is continuously working for souls to get them to Heaven.

As we finished with the folded clothes, our Lord, Blessed Mother, and I moved to another part of the house. There I could see a sink with many, many drinking glasses waiting to be washed. I then suddenly found myself standing at the sink, washing the glasses.

Our Lord said, “I’ll help you wash all these glasses.”

There were so many of them to wash, but what amazed me the most was how crystalline and clear the water was. Our Lord, dressed in conventional clothing, helped me with the washing of the glasses. We laughed and talked together. Our Lord did this to cheer me up after all the suffering in my body. I thought, ‘Any minute, He will splash me with water.

I could see He was looking to do this to cheer me up as He has done this before on other similar occasions.

As we were washing the glasses together, He would rinse them and pass them on to me, and I would turn them over to dry. As I picked up one that our Lord had rinsed, I could feel in my hand that it was still sticky.

I said to our Lord, “This one is still a bit sticky.”

“Show Me,” He said.

I showed Him the glass, and He agreed and said, “Yes, it is still a little sticky.” He took it and rinsed it again, and then turned it over to dry.

I said, “Lord, the water is so beautiful and pure, really crystally water.”

The glasses were not ordinary glasses; they had small designs on them, in shades of yellow (representing grace) and red (representing happiness and the Precious Blood). They were like glasses you would serve soft-drink from for a lot of children.

“What a nice colour!” I said.

We washed many glasses; in reality, we were washing away the sins of the souls and purifying the souls.

Our Lord gave me this beautiful experience, immediately after my physical suffering, to cheer me up because the pain was so intense. He took me away. He took my spirit away, and we found ourselves with Blessed Mother. She always works for the Holy Souls.

Thank you, Blessed Mother, for your intercession for the Holy Souls.