19 March 2021

Feast of St Joseph

This morning while I was praying, St Joseph appeared after I saw Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus. He looked so beautiful and young and was wearing all white with only a little trimming of purple, not too deep in colour, all around the edges of his garment. He was quite tall, with fair skin and short, dark hair, and his face was all radiant and glowing with holiness. His skin was so beautiful. He was so happy and joyful.

He said, “Valentina be happy. We are all praying for you in Heaven. You belong to our family, the Holy Family, and I know you suffer, but nothing is in vain. We love you so much and be courageous, and spread the Holy Word of Jesus. The world is very bad and very sinful, so you must talk to people. So, do not be afraid. We are all praying for you, we all love you, and we are all thinking of you.”

St Joseph has the privilege, he is the foster-father of our Lord Jesus, and he loves Him so much, and he took care of our Lord.

St Joseph stayed with me and talked for a while. He said, “Do not be afraid, offer everything up to our Lord and do not be depressed. The world is bad, but it will get better. You will see. Have faith and have trust in our Lord. Proclaim the Word of Jesus. Do not be afraid, and do not listen to everything because not everything is the truth. There are a lot of lies, and there is a lot of evil now. But there is also a lot of hope.”

At that moment, I felt that we are more united with Heaven, especially at this time. Heaven is very united to the world. Heaven wants people to pray. The connection is much greater now than before because as time passes, as the world becomes worse, Heaven moves closer.

St Joseph, protect our families and pray for us.