14th December

This message was received on a pilgrimage to Rome, visiting Pope John Paul 2nd.

Amongst the audience of Pope John Paul 2nd, the Blessed Mother appeared to me. She said, “I am happy that you are here My child, this is through the grace of Me and of My Son. I tell you My child, you had a lot of hardships around you due to the evil spirit, he was trying to stop you from coming to this pilgrimage in Rome to fulfil your wishes. I took pity on you, everything was against you and you were surrounded by evil, but I am very happy that you called for My help in your heart because you defeat all evil with Our help. You see here, in the holy hall Father Pope John Paul 2nd, everything is not as it seems.

Here in the Vatican are his enemies, where they hate his and wish evil upon him. I watch over him always. I beg you to tell the people to pray for him. I need your help My children. I am pleased that you are not waiting your time and that you are reciting the rosary and offering it for the Holy Father.”

She continued, “Today, My Son and I especially bless people from Slovenia who have come to honour the Holy Father from all parts of Slovenia, also the Bishops, the Priests and especially all the leaders from your homeland Slovenia. My Son especially blessed your Homeland Slovenia, for this reason thank Him everyday and ask Him for His protection. Tell he people to pray and convert back to God. Pray also for your brother sand sisters in Christ who are distant to God, o that they will convert and be worthy of God’s grace, mercy and love. Thank you My daughter for your attention, do not be afraid, We are always with you, Spread the messages and My Son and I give to you.” I answered, Thank you my loving Mother Holy Virgin Mary Regina (Queen of Heaven), how I love you.”