14th November

A week before departing to visit my mother in Europe, I fell gravely ill with a serious sickness. We called a doctor but he couldn’t tell what was wrong with me. I was vomiting and had as unbearable pain behind my right ear (over the mastoid bone) which was making me ill. My whole body was in pain, I couldn’t walk and I had to remain in bed. It lasted 5 days. My family was very worried. My son wanted to take me to a specialist.

Monday morning, around 8 o’clock, I slowly got up to go to the specialist, but unexpectedly Our Lord appeared as the Infant Jesus of Prague and said, “Fear not, my child, you will not die. The sickness that you bear, it is I, Your Lord, who gives it to you. Bear it with love. Come with Me I will show you why you are suffering.”

In an instant, we were in what seemed to be a dark countryside, no buildings. It was filled with people, mostly men, who were suffering.
Their hands were raised, and their fingers were continually moving and they were begging for relief. Their continuous hum, reminded me of bees in a hive. They could not see us and they were standing in a dark shadow, like night. I realised that this is the suffering place of Purgatory.

Our Lord was standing on the edge of a circle of bright light with me on His right. He swung around three times, and then bent down, with His arms spread and His hands open and He raised His arms up, as if scooping. As His arms were raised. He looked up to Heaven and a beam of light appeared above the suffering people. In front of my eyes they were all lifted up into the light and disappeared before my eyes.

I said, “What a relief, there is no more begging,” and the place was empty. I turned to the Lord and He turned to me, smiling. I said, “Lord, who can go above You? You are a Mighty and Powerful God and I love you so much.”

Our Lord said, “See, my child, I need your suffering to do all this. With your suffering and My Mercy I quench their souls.” – TRUST

Then I was back in the kitchen as my son came in to take me to the doctor. I said to my son, “Frank, no need to go to the doctor. The sickness I had, Our Lord gave it to me and He will take it away.”

In a few days, I got better and better. At the end of the week I was on the plane, thanking Our God for all the marvellous deeds He does, on my way to visit my mama.

Our Lord permits all this to happen, so I can give testimony to others.