1st November, 1996


Jesus appeared to me and said, “My dear child, today is the feast of All Saints. They are rejoicing with Me in Heaven, they thank Me and praise Me and give Me glory. They are the happiest to be with Me in Heaven and they also pray for you, My earthly children. Also, they pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.”

He said, “Don’t be sad today for the next day is All Souls Day. They too will come with Me in Paradise, but in the meantime they must still be purified to meet Me face to face. They need much prayer and offerings of Masses because they cannot rely on themselves any more.”

“My child, you must wonder why this is happening because you miss your loved ones, and you ask yourselves why did they die and so on and so on. My child, you cannot find an answer for this, but I want you to trust Me, only in Me, your Lord. One day, My child, I will reveal all to you. All the knowledge will be given to you, not here on earth but in My Presence and in My Kingdom. You too will praise Me and glorify Me together with all the Saints.”

“I love you, My child, be at peace.”

“I love You too,” I said, “my Lord and my God.”