15 November 2020

Little Children in Purgatory

Early this morning, I had a vision of Blessed Mother and the angels.

We found ourselves in front of a house somewhere in Purgatory. It was not a very large house. We entered the building and saw that it was quite dirty. It was full of things; I could see shelving with many objects lined up, all covered with dust and dirt. Even the floor was dirty, with a very dirty carpet piece.

There was a lot of cleaning to do. Blessed Mother said, “We have to do as much as we can to clean this up.”

I said, “Blessed Mother, you are so holy, you shouldn’t be doing all these things. It is a bit too low for you.”

She said, “No, No! I like to help my children and lead them to Heaven. Especially now that it is November, a lot of souls want to go to Heaven.”

Cleaning the dirt actually meant the cleansing the sins of the Holy Souls.

Everything was very messy. We rolled up and removed the carpet, and then started to dust and clean everything when all of a sudden, a little Boy of about seven years of age appeared among us. I immediately recognised Him; it was little Jesus!

I exclaimed, “What are You doing here?”

He said, “I want to be with you and my Mama. I want to help you.” Blessed Mother looked at Him and smiled.

Little Jesus came in carrying some sponges in His Hand. He said, “I want some sponges to clean with too. I want to help.”

I said, “Okay. Take these sponges. They are clean.”

He said, “No. I like thinner ones.” His Hands were little, so He wanted something smaller which He could hold.

He then said, “Come with Me. I will show you all these toys are children’s toys. They are very dirty and dusty. You have to clean them.”

He picked up a dark coloured doll. He said, “Clean this dolly!”

I said, “Okay. I will wipe her and make her nice and clean again.”

There were all kinds of toys in this area, even miniature cars, all dusty and dirty. It appeared as if they had been there a long time.

We cleaned most of the toys and placed them neatly back on the shelf.

Blessed Mother said, “Most of this section was for the children.”

I understood then why little Jesus came and why He urged us to clean the toys. He does not want little children to be in Purgatory too long. He wants them to come to Heaven.

People may question why children would be in Purgatory. Children can be stubborn, disobedient, and temperamental; that is why they need to be purified.

Lord have mercy on the children and lead them back to their Heavenly Home.