November 2020

Humanity is controlled and is no longer free

This message was received on 14 October 2020. Today, I went to do a little bit of shopping. I thought I would go to the bank to withdraw some money and that I would be quick.

However, as I arrived at the bank, there was a long queue outside, and the door to the bank was closed. A lady was standing at the door, and she let people in one by one as soon as someone would leave. This is all due to the Coronavirus.

I thought to myself, ‘Oh well, I have nothing to do, so I may as well pray the Rosary.’

In my heart, I said, “Lord, look at that, we are not free anymore. Wherever I go, it is not like you can just walk in like we used to, you are stopped.”

I prayed the Rosary as I waited, then after about ten to twenty minutes, I finally came to the door and entered the bank. I later went shopping and then went home.

When I came home, I thanked God, and I prayed the Divine Mercy in the afternoon. Our Lord then appeared to me. He was smiling and teasing me a little and said, “You know, it is very hard to stay apart from a beautiful lady.”

I thought to myself, ‘What is He talking about?’

He said, “You know, a few hours ago when you were standing outside the bank, to go and get some money and you said to me, ‘Lord, look at that, we are no longer free…’ and then you continued to say your prayers. Look, I will show you, I was standing right opposite you.”

In a vision, I could see our Lord standing outside the bank just opposite me. He was wearing light cream pants with a white shirt, very neatly groomed. He was looking at all the people there, and He was blessing them.

Lord Jesus said, “I just want to remind you and tell you how you are controlled now by the devil. The evil forces are so bad, they want to control people, what to do, where to go, how to do it, and you have to obey them. They want to control humanity. There is no need to do that. You are now controlled; you are no longer free. It will only get worse and worse but do not fear, I Am always present.”

Our Lord wanted to show me that He is always present, that is why He was standing outside of the bank with me, but that at the same time we are no longer free. However, to cheer me up He teased me a little because He knew I was a little bit upset that I had to spend so much time waiting at the bank.

Lord Jesus, thank you for always being present with us.