15 October 2023

Tell People to Kneel  

Today, during the Holy Mass, during the Eucharistic Prayers, when we started to sing Holy, Holy, Holy’, Blessed Mother appeared standing in front of me.

She said, “Tell people to kneel down. They should all kneel and realise how holy is my Son. He is so offended by seeing people standing up. My children, you don’t realise you are all sinners. You should beg God for His mercy. You should humble yourselves in adoration and praise, to my Son Jesus. He is so Holy.”

At that moment when we are saying the ‘Holy’ prayer, our Lord is on the Altar, and the angels are descending from the left, then moving to the front of the Altar and prostrating themselves, bowing right down to the ground with their arms crossed before their chests. They feel they are not worthy to look directly at our Lord because they know how holy He is. Usually, there are about six angels, and they are circulating, moving from left to right.

They stay there until the distribution of Holy Communion.

During the singing of the ‘Lamb of God’, when the Ciborium is carried from the Tabernacle to the Altar (in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta), every person should be on their knees, making the Sign of the Cross and adoring and praising our Lord.

We should all be in adoration because we are all sinners.