15th AUGUST, 2006


St Raphael’s Church, Merrylands.
The Blessed Mother appeared and said, “My children, you all celebrate the very special feast of My Assumption. You think of Me in a very special way as the Celestial Mother when I ascended, body and soul, into Heaven.”

“The whole of Heaven is rejoicing and singing in the most beautiful melodies, praising My Son Jesus for the Mother who He gave for all humanity.”

“I am the Mother to you all who cares very much for Her children on earth and in Purgatory until they reach Heaven. I constantly beg and intercede on your behalf. Have I ever left you or abandoned you as orphans?”

“How I cry when you don’t listen and you choose the wrong path in your life, and you are misled by the devil with too much worldly entertainments and attachments which harm your souls.”

“Pray, My children. Pray especially for young people. How they offend God. Pray for peace in the world. Pray for the Middle East peace, which is very fragile. There, My children, there is so much to pray for, do not waste your precious time.”

Thankyou, Holy Mary, for Your prayers and encouragement.