31st JULY, 2006

During morning prayer, our Lord appeared to me, seated upon His throne. He was clothed in a pale gold robe with a deep red mantle about His holy shoulders.

He said, “Valentina, tell people that I am very sad for all the injustice which is committed in the world, so much they offend Me. I can no longer watch the sinful corrupted and greedy world. Everyone cares for their own interest, even to kill and start wars.”

“Who suffers are the innocent people, especially the children. My Heart aches and it grieves Me to see so much blood shed. The earth is saturated with so much blood being spilt.”

“If it was not for the elect who pray to Me and console Me, I would have already punished the world severely, but tell people I am seated on My judgement seat and have started judging the world.”

“Look to My Sacred Heart and console Me, and pray for My mercy.”

The colour red, which our Lord wears, represents victory including His suffering on the Cross and denoting His Precious Blood.