23rd JULY, 2006

Our Lord said to me today as I prayed, “Walk with Me, My child, let nothing of this world trouble you, of all that you hear and see, for these things are bound to happen while man in his power commands the evil act.”

“It is bound to happen and it is reality. Man wants wars and destruction. He wants to achieve, no matter how much he destroys and kills. In all costs, he wants to be victorious.”

“My children, look to Me. All your thoughts are God inspired and act in them. They are not yours but Mine. Obey all My will, and they will bring you an answer to your prayers. I am your guide. To love and trust Me let your heart be peaceful, then I can act with My spirit power.”

“Pray for this troubled world and all the innocent people who suffer in it. They are scattered everywhere.”

“Console Me, My child. I do suffer to see all the injustice in these wars.”